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What is next for the Smart Grid? What is missing, after all the investments made?

Emma Johnson

Learn from Reid Nuttall, former CIO of OGE, at the next NREL Smart Grid Educational Series webinar on Friday October 7th at 9AM PT for 90 minutes on Smart Support for the Smart Grid.

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Presentation Abstract:

Much of the investment and discussions in the Smart Grid environment has thus far been on equipment, communication and related technology. Yet, one key area that has not seen as much interest, or investment, has been field management – managing the workforce that keeps the smart grid running well, ensure response and restoration when forces of nature intervene or even when recruiting and training this work force. Making Field Management smarter has to be a necessary component for a truly Smart Grid.

Speaker Bios

Reid Nuttall, Advisor, Connixt, Inc.

Reid is a forward-thinking business and technology executive in the energy industry, who has driven transformational change for companies, customers, and the industry. He has been the CIO of three global corporations and carries a strong record of industry innovations.

As CIO of OGE Energy Corp., Reid Nuttall was recognized as the Energy Biz CIO of the year after a successful and unique implementation of smart grid technology and a customer program focused that reduced the use of less efficient generation.  Reid holds an M.B.A. and B.S. in Economics from Brigham Young University, has been mentioned in numerous industry publications, and has served as an invited speaker at several industry conferences.

G Satish, CEO, Connixt, Inc.

Satish is an entrepreneur with a successful international track record in complex, ROI-driven enterprise field services, supply chain, mobile and big data / analytics solutions.  He has addressed corporate wide business processes and efficiency targets for top energy industry businesses around the world. Satish started Connixt with the objective of leveraging cloud and mobile technologies to make a meaningful impact on field management comprising of people, assets and materials on the field. Satish holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

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