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Discover the future of trucking with Geotab

LA Metro

The Los Angeles Metro service has been using Connixt since 2020 and has seen tremendous gains in operational efficiency, reduction in costs and improvement in process. Check out what their senior executives have to say about using Connixt.

Metro Logo
LA Metro Rail Fleet Services uses Connixt iMarq for SGR, Inspections and Maintenance
Los Angeles Metro automates SGR, Inspections and Maintenance with mobile apps from Connixt
LA Metro's success using Connixt iMarq to digitize & automate inspections, maintenance & reporting

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Fleet Management Weekly

An app to make mechanics' jobs easier

Fleet Management Weekly

Mobile apps for maintenance buy you efficiency, time and dollars

Customer Voices

MetroLink's experience with Connixt iMarq
GTC Saudi Arabia uses iMarq to make life for crew easy - digitizing & automating field test reports
Hear from Black River Electric Coop on their experience using iMarq
Inventorying, Condition Assessment and more with Connixt iMarq at Jorgensen FM


Elevate Your Warehouse Operations using AI and WMX in iMarq

Targeted Digital Transformation : Revenue, Asset Uptime & Risk Posture

Connixt Presents: iBot – The Future of AI-Driven Maintenance

From code to capability: Exploring the dynamics of Connixt’s open architecture

Exploring the trends shaping 2024

Navigating Digital: Transportation & Manufacturing Perspectives


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