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Case Study

Public Transit Company

North America

The customer is a public transit company with a fleet of over 1100 buses that transport people  across the province.

Our customer is a North American public transit company with over 51 million customers. The company has been operational since 1979 and operates a fleet of over 1000 vehicles across the province. The company has partnered with over 50 local governments to provide services linking local communities in the region. 

Public Bus


The company regularly upgrades its business processes to keep up with the growing demands of their operations. Their preferred backend system is a legacy EAM that was difficult to navigate for their crew. Their immediate need was to enable their maintenance crew to access fleet maintenance easily and reduce their dependency on paper-based systems. The lack of intuitiveness and accessibility of their existing systems proved challenging for their crew. Additionally, the effort and time it took to access historic maintenance records and perform predictive maintenance was impacting the operational efficiency and productivity of the crew. A complete overhaul of their backend infrastructure would be expensive and stop operations during the process. Instead, they were looking for a system that could be customized to their existing process and would integrate with their infrastructure without causing downtime.


Connixt’s iMarq was chosen through a competitive RFP process. iMarq’s cloud-based mobile app was customized to mirror the client’s maintenance process. The company’s forms and checklists were digitized and presented on the mobile app, making them easy to fill. As a public transit company, the regulatory framework and compliance requirements were quite complex. iMarq digitized and automated this framework to meet their needs. Realtime updates to the system ensured that their crew could keep on top of the compliance needs at any given point in time.  

Access to digitized maintenance records made it easy for the company to stay on top of internal and external audits. Additionally, easy access to their data helped keep their fleet in prime operating condition. During the implementation process, they improved their inspection procedures by optimizing forms and processes after realizing iMarq’s configurability. This not only saved precious time but also significantly simplified the entire process, aligning with our vision of Simpler, Faster, Smarter. 

One of the most significant impacts since adopting iMarq, was the reduction of the company’s dependency on paper. Their crew no longer had to fill out lengthy forms manually or rely on often illegible handwriting to decipher the maintenance schedule of their assets. Automated scheduling and workflows enabled the crew to invest their time in asset maintenance, making communication within their teams more efficient.  

Additionally, features within iMarq, like capturing photos and annotating them, made it easy to capture minute details. The crew could now record their observations using images in conjunction with text. These features made maintenance easier for their teams.  

In summary, there has been a positive response from the client since adopting iMarq, as reflected by an internal study conducted by the agency. Additionally, the crew were able to adapt to the nuances of the platform with little to no training. This is especially reflected in the increased number of users and transactions since the company signed up with iMarq. Going forward, the company intends to continue to use iMarq as the single solution to capture asset maintenance. 


From 100% user adoption to migrating to a paperless operation, iMarq has improved the maintenance process. iMarq has digitized and automated workflows and helped improve efficiency for the customer.

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