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How can you run maintenance without parts?

Introducing the warehouse management extension (WMX)

The new warehouse management extension (WMX) helps track all your moving parts from warehouse to the shop floor. Warehouse and inventory management is a rigorous process that involves a long paper trail, complicated interfaces, and/or heavy spreadsheets.

WMX puts all your stock data in one place. Its mobile-friendly interface allows your crew to access information on the go. WMX also allows you to track inbound and outbound shipments with the easy and intuitive interface of iMarq. In addition to iMarq, WMX can integrate with any backend system and is deployed within a few weeks of signing up.

inventory before MBA Inventory Status
Before & After WMX

The right part. The right place. The right time.

There’s nothing that kills efficiency than not having the right parts when it’s needed. That’s why we built WMX. Extend your digitized maintenance process and manage your warehouse all within iMarq.

Inventory Management
Here's what you get with WMX
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WMX can transform your maintenance process


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