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Simplify maintenance schedules with easy workflows


Save time with workflows. Right within iMarq!

Managing maintenance workflows for complex asset types can be a challenging endeavor. iMarq provides a centralized platform that simplifies the tracking and coordination of maintenance tasks. Its user-friendly workflows are designed to streamline and prioritize maintenance activities, fostering collaboration across maintenance teams. Whether it involves approvals or asset maintenance, iMarq grants easy access to the progress of all maintenance schedules.

Upon logging in, maintenance crew can conveniently access their work schedules via mobile devices and mark tasks for review or approval. This triggers alerts to maintenance managers and office teams, ensuring real-time updates on asset statuses and providing an overview of performance at any moment. Maintenance managers, in turn, find it more convenient to plan both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks and assign them to the right crew members. Furthermore, these workflows can be automated, reducing the time crews need to invest in planning and schedule creation.

The workflows feature within iMarq ultimately frees up time for maintenance crews, allowing them to focus on maintaining assets in peak condition.


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