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Case Study

GTC Engineering

Saudi Arabia

GTC provides oil drilling services, testing, quality control and staff augmentation to various sectors, such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, power, utilities and construction.

GTC Saudi Arabia achieved over 50% reduction in paper usage overnight.

With over 600 transactions a day, and growing, GTC uses Connixt iMarq in a multi-lingual mode for real time generation and access to data and field reporting.
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GTC Saudi Arabia sought a solution for real-time field data acquisition and reporting, aiming to streamline and expedite their core business processes. The GTC Saudi Arabia team dedicated considerable time to manually updating data in the back office based on paper-based reports created in the field, followed by the logistical challenge of making these reports accessible in the field or elsewhere on demand. In addition to the time lost and possible errors out of this manual process, the substantial paper consumption incurred high costs related to printing and report storage.

Furthermore, difficulties in accessing asset data in real time posed a significant hurdle to project owners and their teams as they had no clear visibility on the status of work done. This obstacle was particularly pronounced for assets in remote locations, as field personnel were required to print out paper records prior to embarking on journeys to service asset locations.

Moreover, language was an additional obstacle for the crew. The team sought a resolution that operated seamlessly in native Arabic, facilitating user-friendliness for the crew.


iMarq emerged as a cloud-based, mobile solution that swiftly diminished the reliance of the GTC Saudi Arabia team on paper-based processes. This innovative platform enabled the GTC team to institute real-time data collection and reporting, ensuring that field updates were promptly accessible to all stakeholders during testing. The field crew could now complete their work on the field directly on the Connixt iMarq app and the data is updated into the Connixt cloud from the field. Consequently, this shift significantly curtailed the necessity for paper-based methods, eradicating manual tasks of report creation, printing, and filing.

The implementation of iMarq not only improved the workflow but also translated into tangible time savings for the GTC Saudi Arabia team. The arduous process of physically transporting paper reports from the field to the office was replaced by instant, real-time accessibility through iMarq on their preferred devices. This shift streamlined operations and brought about a substantial reduction in operating hours previously spent on manual report submissions.

In addition to these benefits, the adoption of iMarq led to a reduction in paper consumption of over 50%, subsequently minimizing the demand for filing and storing paper forms, thereby further streamlining the entire process.


iMarq was easily able to meet our language requirements - Arabic in our case. Instead of typing, we just speak to the application in Arabic saving time!

How we helped GTC digitize their operations

iMarq stands as a cloud-mobile platform that grants instantaneous data access from any location. Both the field and backend teams at GTC Saudi Arabia leveraged iMarq for seamless data retrieval. This transformative shift resulted in enhanced decision-making processes and heightened transparency within their testing protocols. The GTC Saudi Arabia crew found that connecting to iMarq online provided easy access to their work schedules and daily plans.

For project owners at GTC Saudi Arabia, iMarq proved invaluable in real-time monitoring of field-testing activities through its cloud-based services. The platform facilitated the generation of permit requests directly on iMarq, subsequently routing these requests directly to technicians responsible for implementing the required services at the field site.

Moreover, iMarq introduced newfound flexibility to the crew, allowing for the revision, editing, and correction of reports as needed. This adaptive feature proved instrumental in crafting precise and accurate reports that adhered to accreditation requirements.

Due to a substantial number of Arabic speakers within their team, GTC Saudi Arabia sought a solution compatible with the local language. To cater to this requirement, their forms and procedures were digitized and made accessible to them in Arabic through iMarq. Notably, the speech-to-text functionality enabled them to articulate instructions in Arabic, which were then seamlessly transcribed into text. This feature significantly streamlined data entry processes, resulting in considerable time savings and facilitating a smoother integration of iMarq into their teams’ operations.

The integration of iMarq into GTC Saudi Arabia’s operations proceeded smoothly. The capacity to tailor the solution to their specific requirements played a pivotal role in facilitating the adoption among their crew. The accessibility of forms and data in Arabic further expedited the transition from a paper-based workflow to iMarq, contributing to a swift and effective implementation process.

GTC loves iMarq!

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