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Case Study

Public Utility Company

Los Angeles, California

A West Coast-based utility service provider sought a system to effectively oversee the upkeep of their electric meters, including tasks such as installation, removal, and replacement. Since their technicians operated remotely in high asset density territories, the client required a solution that would include the ability to locate multiple assets at a given location, in addition to work management and meter maintenance.


The company was looking to digitize and automate the installation & maintenance of electric meters while seeking a comprehensive view of their field operations. They sought a solution that helped track their assets making it easier to capture the maintenance tasks requested and performed using a simple and intuitive user interface.

As a public utility company, stringent compliance requirements demanded a solution offering easy access to regulatory standards and audit-ready data. There was a need for a solution that provided easy integration with their existing enterprise infrastructure that comprised of both heavily customized systems as well as home-built ones, with the ability to adapt to new future systems. This was crucial for the company as they faced challenges accessing relevant data to provide a unified view for their crew on the field.



After a competitive RFP process, the public utility company selected Connixt iMarq. iMarq stood out for its ability to provide a solution that addressed all the challenges identified as critical by both field crew and backend teams.


Integration was a critical factor for the client. iMarq’s Open Enterprise Architecture facilitated easy integration with a variety of legacy EAM systems, enhancing flexibility without necessitating changes to the customer’s backend infrastructure. The data was securely stored in the client’s private cloud. iMarq’s no-code platform was customized ahead of deployment to adapt to the changes made to the customers infrastructure without disrupting the standard iMarq user experience. This multi-system integration now allows the field crew member to gain a unified view of data pulled from more than one system. Similarly updates from the field are also made into the relevant systems (e.g. timesheet information goes into one system while parts consumed goes into a different system).


The high configurability of iMarq allowed the Connixt team to customize it for the client’s existing processes and digitized their maintenance and regulatory forms. This enabled the crew to access their data on their mobile devices, even in remote locations, and even while offline. The workflows and queues mirrored the maintenance process, making adoption easy for the crew.

Reporting & Analytics

iMarq met the need for real-time visibility into field operations, enabling access to tasks performed by technicians and facilitating direct issue escalation to management. With all the data processed and stored in the cloud, iMarq’s customizable reports and dashboards were used to meet the company’s specific data and reporting requirements.

Field Operations

iMarq significantly transformed field operations for the client. Technicians gained immediate access to their work queues, boosting efficiency right from the start. Additionally, the crew took to specific features like uploading photos of assets, annotating them with comments, recording their observations via the speech-to-text functionality and adding comments where needed.

The job search functionality was simplified, allowing technicians to find jobs by address or using a map view, thereby helping to identify any additional work near the technicians current location. To meet the specific need of multiple assets located at the same address (e.g. condo complexes), iMarq’s map view was configured to display a number count of the number of Work Orders at that location.  Thus, the technician would always know all the jobs that were open at any given location and its vicinity.   Time and transaction tracking were made more efficient with all transactions being time-stamped and geo-tagged, facilitating easier monitoring of timekeeping, overtime rates, and special working conditions through custom reports. Moreover, the platform offered flexible job management capabilities, including the ability to cancel or reassign work requests mid-job, with changes immediately reflected in real-time on the app. 

The Geo-location and Mapping features in Connixt iMarq, offering real-time information on location and condition, are particularly heavily used by the utility service provider.



Seamless bi-directional integration with multiple systems, without altering the backend systems

Customizable features without app-level code changes, eliminating the need for user retraining

Real-time insights into field operations with tailored reporting and analytics

Instant access to work queues and multimedia upload capabilities, enhancing maintenance data quality

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