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iMarq + Trimble

Preventive maintenance on autopilot

Integrating Precision with Trimble + iMarq

Connixt iMarq offers seamless integration with Trimble’s cloud-enabled solutions. This frequently requested integration enables our customers to pave the way for more precise tracking and management of their assets, ensuring they are in the best working condition. The result? A data-centric approach to maintenance, with AI-powered insights leading to better decision-making and predictive maintenance strategies.

Enter iMarq

iMarq is an enterprise-grade, mobile-first solution that simplifies maintenance for the crew. It integrates with Trimble to digitize forms and checklists, automate processes and workflows and provides real-time analytics.

iMarq seamlessly integrates with Trimble and works with the data already collected. Here’s some of the benefits of integrating iMarq and Trimble

Use Cases

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See how iMarq can transform your organization

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