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Integrate with anything. Really — anything!

Connixt's Open Architecture allows you to integrate with all your systems - current and future. Unlock the insights in your data!
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Integration With Back-end Systems

Connixt’s Open Enterprise Architecture allows for ready, no-code integration with any third-party system(s), including EAMs, ERPs, and CMMS as well as legacy and home-grown environments.

This maximizes flexibility with typically NO changes required to your current systems, and with future systems should you upgrade or migrate.

Connixt’s platform includes a set of out-of-the-box RESTful and SOAP APIs that can be consumed by third-party systems, which allow seamless data transfer between Connixt MXF and other EAM/ERP systems.

iMarq is


System agnostic, non-invasive (not hard-coded) integration with any system

Data Enrichment & Integrity

Validated data + annotated photographs, audio files, videos and more to enrich your system


Seamless with upgrades or new systems with no change to front-end


End-user experience is consistent irrespective of back-end system

iMarq integrates seamlessly with

and any tool in your tech stack!

Explore other features of iMarq

Automating maintenance, inspection and inventory processes can help reduce costs while improving safety.

Facilitate workflow through access to the entire gamut of maintenance and reporting options.

Reduce costs and improve safety by digitizing all your maintenance, inspection, inventory and reporting processes.

Access reports and forms wherever you are. Equip your crew with customizable dashboards to highlight data that matters most to them.

Reduce the complexity of audits and compliance procedures with automated record-keeping systems and safety management.


See how iMarq can transform your organization

You can be up and running with iMarq in just 4 weeks!

Tell us your organizations landscape today, send us your documents and business processes and we’ll set you up  with a tailored instance of iMarq!

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