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Connixt pays for itself.
And pays you back too.

Get Started with Connixt

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What you get with Connixt

Open Architecture
Secure Cloud Deployment on Microsoft Azure
Customizable for your organizational process
Accessible on smartphones, tablets and web browsers
Native iOS & Android apps
Works online and offline
Customizable workflows & approvals
Reports & dashboards​
Regular feature updates and maintenance
Enterprise-grade build, consumer-grade ease of use
Comprehensive Documentation
Industry leading support
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So what does it cost?

Our customers report a 20% savings on time spent by their crew.  So, for a crew of say 300 employees, that translates to total annual savings of $6,000,000 (yes, you read that right – its $6 Million!) assuming 250 days a year and a loaded employee cost of $50 per hour.

And the cost of iMarq? A fraction of that annual $6M savings!

Want to see iMarq before you buy? We’d be happy to schedule a demo.

The common questions

Weeks! In general, your users should be able to start playing with the app configured with your forms and processes within the first couple of weeks. Some of our most complex deployments have been completed within 12 weeks.

Yes, that option is available. Connixt is hosted on the highly secure Microsoft Azure platform that meets the highest security requirements including country-specific ones.

Yes; the set up fee covers initial form and workflows configuration, deployment and testing. The specifics of this will be outlined in the customized proposal that we send out.

Yes! The Connixt Open Enterprise Architecture allows integration with any back-end system through the standard APIs and webservices of those systems.

We have also integrated seamlessly with legacy systems that have no APIs / webservices. Learn more about our integrations here

Connixt has been built and designed for non-IT end-users – technicians, mechanics and others. The field crew need something that is easy to use – they are not IT specialists and can’t spend a lot of time of time learning new software.  Our thousands of end-users will testify to how Connixt actually makes their life easier.

Minimal – we do the heavy lifting of converting your paper forms to digital, setting up your processes and integrating with your back-end systems. At every step, we may require your inputs for information, review and approval. As you progress with the sign-up, your team (including IT) will know exactly how much time is required from them.

Our customers will testify to the very limited requirement of effort from your IT team.

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