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Introducing iBot

AI Powered maintenance in iMarq

Shake off outdated, inefficient ways of operating.
Say hello to smarter maintenance with iBot!

Contextual Search • AI-powered Pattern Recognition • Work Automation

What if unlocking your enterprise's full potential was just a question away?

At the heart of iBot’s inception were a few fundamental questions: How can we transform business intelligence into something not just accessible, but actionable and effortlessly integrated into daily operations? How do we design an interface so incredibly intuitive that field crews can tap into its power with ease, extracting invaluable insights on a regular basis?

That’s what iBot is going to deliver!

Imagine a single click that takes you through the complexities of maintenance needs, elevating operational efficiency, and keeping a pulse on asset performance.

From work orders and fleet breakdowns to maintenance schedules and emerging trends, iBot is your guide through the data wilderness, delivering crystal-clear insights for strategic maintenance decisions.

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Ask About Compliance

"iBot, provide the latest compliance guidelines for our equipment maintenance procedures?"

Ask About Work Orders

"iBot, what's the status of the work order for the HVAC system repair scheduled this week?"

Ask About Maintenance Records

"iBot, can you pull up the last maintenance record for the forklift in warehouse 3?"

iBot makes it possible to unlock unprecedented efficiency you've always desired, all from a single, powerful interface.

Ask Me

Instant Answers from iBot

Pose any question to iBot regarding parts, inventory, work orders, or checklists. It digs through your organizational data to fetch the exact answer you need. iBot will accelerate the retrieval of precise historical data, bypassing the need for time-consuming record searches. With its ability to grasp the context of your inquiries, iBot ensures every response is accurate and relevant, streamlining your decision-making process.

AI-Based Translation

No Language Barriers

For field crews, efficiency is paramount. iBot transcends language barriers, translating queries into any language, ensuring clear, understandable communication across your global team. 

Coming Soon
And this is just the beginning. We have much more planned for iBot.
Here's how iBot is going to be an even bigger help with taking care of your assets!

Failure-Based Pattern Alerts

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Savings

iBot will proactively notify you of patterns that could indicate potential failures, allowing for preemptive maintenance actions, reducing downtime, and saving costs.

Smart Inventory Management

Optimize with AI-Driven Ordering

Simplify your inventory management with iBot’s AI-driven part ordering, ensuring you always have the necessary parts on hand without overstocking, optimizing your supply chain.

Work Instructions

Precision and Efficiency in Every Task

iBot will offer step-by-step guidance for maintenance tasks, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of repairs and routine maintenance, ensuring your team always knows the best course of action.

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