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iMarq for Trucking

Let's make life easy for the crew!

Are you tired of unplanned downtime and ad hoc maintenance costing you time and money?

iMarq is a enterprise grade, cloud based mobile app designed to make maintenance easy for crew. With iMarq, predictive maintenance for fleets becomes a reality with instant access to maintenance data on a mobile or tablet.

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Truckers who love iMarq!

Anywhere, Anytime: Total Visibility and Management for Your Fleet Maintenance

Navigating life as a fleet manager can be intricate. Transform your maintenance with a mobile platform crafted to simplify life for your field crew. 

Unlock significant returns in every aspect of your maintenance process

Seamlessly deploy iMarq to your crew, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations 

Go up to 95% paperless with iMarq!

So user-friendly that your crew will embrace it effortlessly, without the need for any training.


iMarq enables smarter, simpler and faster processes for

Case Study

Mid South Transport

Mid South Transport

Discover how Mid South Transport, a leading transportation company based in the US, embarked on a transformative journey with Connixt to revamp their maintenance process. Utilizing Connixt’s iMarq, they aimed to shift from traditional, paper-centric methods to a streamlined, digital approach, serving their extensive fleet of 126 trucks. 

iMarq for Efficient Fleet Maintenance

Geolocation & Mapping

Manage the maintenance of your remote and distributed fleets on iMarq

Work Order Management

Simplifies the creation, assignment, monitoring, and fulfillment of work orders within iMarq, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and disjointed systems.

Annotated Photos

Add pictures to your work orders of your assets and annotate them with your comments.

Speech to Text

Make maintenance easier with iMarq's speech-to-text capability. Record your comments effortlessly and have them transcribed directly within iMarq.

Work Queues

Automate maintenance schedules within iMarq to keep on top of asset maintenance.


Access federal and state compliance reports within iMarq on the go.


Customize reports to reflect the analytics that you need. Get instant access to the state of maintenance with the reporting feature in iMarq


Get instant approvals on work orders and forms within iMarq. Real-time notifications enables your teams to communicate through iMarq

Warehouse Management

Track inventory and parts through iMarq. Get instant notifications on parts available from the warehouse to the shop floor.

Why iMarq

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iMarq is transforming transportation organizations.

Whether your organization is quick to adopt technology or not, our e-book is a great primer on how organizations in the transportation industry should be thinking about the growth and plans. 


See how iMarq can transform your organization

You can be up and running with iMarq in just 4 weeks!

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