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The back story

We wanted to create a world where business-to-field integration was as easy as downloading a mobile app.

Connixt was born out of a need to

Make your crew's life easy

Reduce total cost of ownership

Minimize IT impact on implementation & challenges

Get there faster - in days, not months or years

The numbers that make a difference.

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But why did Connixt need to be created?

We found no satisfactory answers to some questions about the “traditional” enterprise software landscape

Why do end-users - techs, mechanics, linemen and others dislike the enterprise applications their companies run?

Enterprise systems are complex and challenging to understand and use, especially for your last-mile non-IT crew. This paradigm requires extensive training, process transformation, change management and most importantly low end-user adoption.

Ever download a manual or go through training to use any app in your personal life? How long did it take to setup? Why should your work app be any different?

Traditional enterprise software deployments invariably involve deployment delays, overshot budgets and opportunity costs. And they are typically some one-size-fits-all model that leads to bloated applications which make for a terrible end-user experience.

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