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Real-time Reporting makes maintenance more efficient

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iMarq facilitates analysis at-a-glance through it’s comprehensive and customizable reporting feature. Real-time dashboards and dynamic data visualization enable managers to measure the KPIs that are relevant to their operations.

Lack of sufficient data for sound decision-making, possible mishandling of assets and resources, failure to adhere to regulatory standards, poor record-keeping, and ineffective maintenance planning become prominent issues. These issues ultimately lead to reactive rather than preventive maintenance.

The reports available on iMarq enable a wholistic real-time view of maintenance operations thus facilitating preventive maintenance on the shop floor.

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Connixt iMarq provides the insights you need to optimize your operations

iMarq presents a new method of streamlined maintenance management with our comprehensive reporting features designed specifically for maintenance managers. At Connixt, we understand the pivotal role that accurate and insightful reports play in optimizing your maintenance processes.

Explore the power of our reporting tools tailored to meet the unique needs of maintenance managers. 

Unlock the full potential of your maintenance management strategy with our advanced reporting capabilities. Elevate your decision-making process, enhance operational efficiency, and embrace a proactive approach to maintenance.


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