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Hey Siri, how do I become 20% more efficient?

Make your process 20% more efficient

Whatever your back-end system, no matter how complex your process, iMarq automates and digitizes your forms, checklists, processes and workflows within weeks — not years!

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Why you need iMarq


Seamless integration no matter what your your back-end system – current, old, legacy or home grown.


Your data is safe – ALWAYS – and neither Connixt nor anyone else can ever use your data

Low IT impact

No added infrastructure, no changes to your ERP / EAM, no maintenance

Digitize your forms

Your users will see your forms on their devices – not some canned one-size-fits-all form

Get there fast

iMarq deploys in weeks, not years!

Cloud based

All transactions are integrated and orchestrated in the cloud (and back-end integration is optional)

Future proof

Leverage the latest features your device have to offer – from the most current security to the best in navigation


Real-time analytics for executives, operations and suppliers

The numbers don't lie

increase in labor efficiency gains
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reduction in paper and manual processing
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increase in speed of updates from the field / workshop
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User Adoption
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“…over 200 hours of manual time entry is not needed any more…”
Bob Spadafora
Sr. Executive Office, Rail Fleet Services, LA Metro

Discover all the features of iMarq

Any Device , Any Time

Manage Work Queues

Your company, your process

Industries we serve

iMarq is currently being used in organisations across industries that are traditionally very complex and require very long to undertake a transformation. These companies have seen user adoption of 100% and efficiencies improve by 20% in weeks

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