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Case Study

Mid South Transport

Memphis, Tennessee

Mid South Transport specializes in transportation, warehousing, and logistical services for various industries such as trucking, automotive parts, retail, electronics, and manufacturing.

Mid South Transport, a prominent US-based transportation company, embarked on a transformative journey with Connixt to overhaul their maintenance process. Leveraging Connixt's iMarq, they aimed to transition from traditional, paper-centric methods to a streamlined, digital approach, catering to their expansive fleet of 126 trucks.
Mid South transport


Mid South Transport faced a common challenge in its field operations – the need for a more efficient and streamlined process for managing maintenance tasks, work orders, and data accessibility. The traditional maintenance and compliance processes were heavily reliant on paperwork. The crew spent more hours on handwritten work orders, leading to a complex documentation process. This also posed challenges in terms of storage, retrieval, and accuracy. With paper records, accessing historical data about assets or past maintenance tasks involved a long paper trail and a significant amount of time.

Paper-driven processes were subject to errors, which had cascading effects on maintenance schedules, compliance reports, and overall operational efficiency.

Mid South Transport wanted to overhaul their maintenance process and create a system that would be easy for their crew to adopt. As part of this initiative they sought to adopt a solution that would digitize and automate their maintenance and work order management processes, ensuring greater efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of crucial data.


Mid South Transport chose to implement Connixt’s iMarq, a solution tailored to digitize their processes. This involved creating a proof of concept based on the workflows, forms and regulatory requirements that was being used by their teams.

The leadership team at Mid South Transport wanted a solution that would fit in with their existing IT infrastructure and cause minimal disruptions when being rolled out to their crew.

The crew at Mid South Transport found iMarq to be accommodating and also intuitive and easy to use, mitigating the typical change management challenges often associated with shop-floor software deployments.

With iMarq, data from the field could be instantly relayed to the central offices, ensuring that decisions were made based on real-time information, enhancing responsiveness and agility. All maintenance tasks and repair order information were securely stored in the cloud. iMarq seamlessly integrated Mid South Transport’s existing GoMotive system for real-time access to information, such as mileage, VINs, and locations of the trucks, allowing them to schedule maintenance efficiently

iMarq brought in features like speech-to-text for work orders, allowing the crew to dictate observations, which led to reduced manual entry and increased the precision of logging maintenance tasks. The system also enabled real-time tracking of remote assets and automatic generation of repair orders based on the sensory data received. The crew could now easily access their work for the day by simply logging onto their devices.

This newfound efficiency extended to data accessibility, enabling managers and back office staff to easily access and analyze reports, thereby empowering a better decision-making process. Furthermore, iMarq’s ability to retrieve asset history at the click of a button eliminated manual searches through paper files, significantly enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy.

The integration was a seamless process, taking only four weeks from build to roll out. There were little to no disruptions to their existing processes and an iterative testing process involving their crew was implemented to fine tune their instance of iMarq. Modifications and improvements were made immediately and the team at Mid South Transport had access to the development team at Connixt to help customize iMarq for their maintenance practices.

Encouraged by the success of iMarq, Mid South Transport is extending its capabilities to meet their warehousing requirements. They are also considering adopting an inventory management system, marking the next phase in their digital transformation journey.


From real-time data relay to intuitive features like speech-to-text, iMarq has been a game-changer. Not only did it digitize our processes and operations but it also enhanced our responsiveness and overall efficiency.

Mid South Transport loves iMarq!

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