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Managing Time: From the Field to the Office 

Emma Johnson

As more businesses go mobile, it becomes essential to track real-time information from the field. Not only does this ensure that services are completed on time, but it keeps both the back office and the clients informed in real-time and keeps clients happy and employees productive. 

Embracing Mobility for an Agile Workforce 

Fortunately, aligning your team, business processes, and time has never been easier. Mobile-first solutions are becoming more popular and organizations across sectors are waking up to its many benefits.  

Enhanced Productivity 

Mobile asset management significantly boosts efficiency, whether it’s enabling field teams to swiftly check out tools or assisting warehouse managers in conducting audits. A well-designed mobile app facilitates rapid audits from any location and can further save time if it incorporates features like built-in barcode scanning. Moreover, a user-friendly interface allows for effortless workflow completion with just a few taps. 

Heightened Accountability 

In the absence of immediate computer access at a job site, a field worker might postpone equipment check-out to later, which often leads to forgotten tasks or unclear asset usage records, resulting in inaccurate data. However, with a readily available mobile app, employees can instantly complete these tasks, saving time and ensuring team members are accountable. 

Increased Data Precision 

Ensuring your entire team adheres to correct procedures, whether in the office or on-site, enhances the accuracy of your asset inventory data. A mobile app equipped with barcode scanning streamlines audits and minimizes the chances of manual entry mistakes. By enabling quick and efficient mobile audits, you can conduct them more regularly, keeping your data as current and precise as possible. 

How Does iMarq Fit into the Picture? 

iMarq is an app that is ideal for any business with field teams or distributed assets such as utilities, manufacturing, or construction. It’s the fastest means to connect your field crew, contractors, and temporary workers to your back office. From inspection reports, project status updates, repair requests, and emergency maintenance, to instant damage assessment, your workers simply need to fire up this app to get to work in the most efficient way possible. 

The field crew can also review, assign, and update work orders (and much more) while the back-office tracks results and responds to real-time information requests or updates. With the two teams working seamlessly together, productivity skyrockets. With accurate scheduling, you can get workers to the job site faster. When field workers update their status through a mobile app, schedulers can filter by location, availability, and skill to set up dispatch workers to get the job started sooner – making for very happy clients! 

Eliminate paper time sheets and data re-entry with mobile time tracking and labor. It’s easy to misplace paper floating around a construction site. iMarq tracks workers’ hours and projects, all while keeping the important data safe. You can go up to 95% paperless with iMarq! 

Work order management becomes significantly streamlined with iMarq. Equipped with advanced functionalities such as speech-to-text, photo annotation, LiDAR scanning, and geolocation, the platform simplifies the processes of inspections, maintenance, and inventory management. Moreover, its exceptionally user-friendly interface promotes high adoption rates among users. 

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