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Leadership Lessons From the Shop Floor

Amy Garcia

We can learn a few things from factory workers.

Today, leadership lessons are often taught in business books or conferences, far away from where the actual work is being done. More often than not, the best lessons that we can learn about the workforce are right under our noses: in factories that employees work in every day.

Here are just a few things that we can learn about factory workers!

No work is beneath leaders.

On the factory floor, the workers follow the mantra of “Whatever it takes.” No one person is above a task. If that attitude were to spread, no one would be willing to do the dirty work. Too often in management, leaders shift responsibility or blame the team working underneath them when they don’t want to deal with an issue. The best managers lead from the front and show their team that they are willing to do what is necessary to get the task done.

Health and safety come first.

While “whatever it takes” is the mantra, that doesn’t mean that health or safety are compromised. Anything less than the minimum standards is unacceptable and can put workers in danger. Even though deadlines approach, the proper safety measures are always be in place for factory workers. From actual heavy lifting to operating machinery, factory workers face a whole host of dangers – nothing less than a “no-compromise” approach will do.

Communication is essential.

When people don’t talk on the floor, chaos breeds. Quotas may not be met or someone may get injured, simply because clear communication was lacking. Responses to employees are better handled within minutes, not hours. Communication truly must be a two-way street in order for your employees to stay engaged and be heard.

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