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Unveiling Seamless Operations: RELAM’s iMarq-Driven Maintenance Evolution

Emma Johnson
Relam Webinar

The maintenance process in the railway sector has always been complex due to intricate systems and moving parts. The conventional approach has been reactive. What’s needed is a shift to proactive maintenance strategies. Acknowledging this transformation is Connixt iMarq, a digital-first asset maintenance solution, and its collaboration with RELAM, pioneering market leaders in heavy equipment maintenance optimization.

The recent roundtable highlighted the collaboration as the focal point, with industry experts G. Satish (CEO, Connixt) and Daniel Brown (COO, RELAM) discussing the substantial value that emerged from this partnership. 

iMarq’s cloud-based mobile-first framework stands as a crucial enhancement for RELAM. By facilitating heightened visibility, efficient resource allocation, and the elimination of manual processes, iMarq has proven to be an indispensable asset. You can delve deeper into the discussion by accessing the webinar here.

In the past two years, RELAM navigated the integration of two legacy entities, managing considerable supply chain disruptions due to COVID. To enhance its operations, the organization aimed to implement predictive and prescriptive maintenance strategies, with the goal of reducing the total cost of ownership.

This is where iMarq came into the picture.

Highlighting iMarq’s implementation was the emphasis on minimizing the involvement of the IT team, which marked a departure from RELAM’s previous experiences. The workload for the IT department was significantly reduced, condensing the timeline from a few months to just a few days.

RELAM placed a strong emphasis on ensuring user-friendliness, particularly crucial for the last-mile crew to streamline their tasks and adhere to established processes and checklists, thereby saving valuable time. iMarq seamlessly matched RELAM’s objectives by offering features like speech-to-text conversion and the ability to include and annotate photos. This level of convenience contributed to a user adoption rate of 90%.

With iMarq’s comprehensive integration, RELAM anticipates enhanced throughput and refined inventory management. The combination of strategic expansion and increased labor efficiency, driven by iMarq’s analytical insights, will work together to guide the organization’s growth efforts.

Remarkable strides have been achieved in digitization too, with 80% of forms digitized. Future endeavors include the addition of a safety library on iMarq, migrating from traditional manuals to the platform, and transitioning to a digital safety datasheet system. 

In the realm of sustainability, iMarq’s digital solution will enable RELAM to substantially reduce paper consumption. This translates to notable savings in paper document production, ink consumption, energy utilization, and labor, rendering physical storage obsolete. A critical aspect of this solution is its capacity to provide insights into part consumption patterns, thereby optimizing inventory management.

With the strategic integration of Connixt’s iMarq, RELAM is equipped to embrace the future with digitization, efficiency, and sustainability as its guiding principles. As we journey forward, the partnership between RELAM and iMarq will undoubtedly set new benchmarks in the domain of asset maintenance, driving operational excellence and propelling the industry toward a brighter, more connected future.

Interested to see how Connixt iMarq can help you digitize and automate your entire fleet operations? Talk to us today to get a personalized demo for your operational needs. Learn more about RELAM and its services here.

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