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Introducing iBot: AI-powered Maintenance in iMarq


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not going to lead companies, but it will profoundly alter how companies operate. We can see it happening already: AI-driven chatbots that can write articles, debug code, and even offer relationship advice. So, how does this tech advancement impact maintenance and our customers’ daily operations in maintenance, inspections, repair, and reporting?  

In the age of digital transformation, it is all about shaking off outdated, inefficient ways of operating. We engaged in conversations with our customers, delving into whether and how they envisioned leveraging this technology in their workshops and fieldwork. 

The result is iBot – an AI-powered tool that works with your data right within iMarq. It is the latest in our ongoing efforts to add more value to iMarq and we are only just getting started. 

At the heart of iBot’s inception were a few fundamental questions: How can your enterprise’s intelligence be surfaced, actionable and usable? What user interaction makes it possible for our users – maintenance techs and crews – to easily engage with it and derive maximum value regularly?  

iBot’s functionality extends beyond simple queries. As a tool with access to your organization’s maintenance data, it can offer solutions similar to those offered by seasoned team members. Answers to questions like: 

“How frequently did we encounter corrosion during our February 10K inspection on asset XYZ?”  

or even, 

“What patterns have emerged in the maintenance needs of asset ABC over the last two years?” 

Unlock Efficiency

The responses to these inquiries offer a ton of practical insights, capable of identifying patterns and delivering context. By furnishing precise answers, iBot effectively tackles one of the most vexing thorns in any asset maintenance — unplanned downtime. 

iBot will accelerate the retrieval of precise historical data, bypassing the need for time-consuming record searches. By leveraging past records including inspections, work orders, and even comments within those records, it will deliver contextual insights, empowering technicians and teams to make well-informed choices. It will also be capable of recognizing repetitive patterns, forecast maintenance requirements, and preempting potential problems.  

With each new enhancement or feature, one thing has stayed constant in the evolution of iMarq: the end user. These are the dedicated professionals in the field or at the helm, utilizing iMarq on a daily basis to execute inspections, manage work orders, upkeep equipment, address emergencies, handle service requisitions, and uphold safety and compliance standards. iBot reflects the same focus. Coupled with other features like speech-to-text and photos with annotations, iMarq, and now iBot, will have a substantial impact on the way work gets done. 

iBot represents a first-of-its-kind advancement in the domain of asset maintenance and field force management. By leveraging iBot, teams can amplify their strengths, enabling them to excel at their existing competencies and rapidly acquire new ones. 

What’s next 

We are enrolling a limited number of users into our limited beta program for iBot. If you or your team are interested in participating, please fill this form and we will be in touch once we are ready to start onboarding users. 

There’s a lot we have planned for iBot and this is just the beginning. We are excited to get iBot into the hands of our users and see how this changes maintenance for crews across the world. 

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