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iBot - AI powered maintenance in iMarq

Introducing iBot. Designed to find the answers hidden in your data. All with the same simplicity and convenience you’ve to expect from iMarq. Get ready to turn up your maintenance to 11! 

We’re bringing AI to iMarq. Not just as a gimmicky add-on, just because it’s trendy, but because we believe it will add tremendous value and profoundly change how maintenance techs and crews and organizations can unlock more value from the data they already own.

Imagine being able to identify trends in maintenance needs, improve operational efficiency and track asset performance all in one click. That’s the future of maintenance and that’s what iBot is going to deliver.

Imagine asking iMarq “What patterns have emerged in the maintenance needs of asset ABC over the last two years?” and having that answer delivered in seconds. 

There’s plenty to unlock from iBot and there’s a lot we have to share yet. Stay tuned in to our blog and sign up for the beta program to keep updated.

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