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Keeping it simple with Connixt – a guest post from Mid South Transport

Guha Bharadwaj
Mid South Transport

This is a guest blog written by Kent Long, COO of Mid-South Transport.

Mid South Transport selected Connixt’s iMarq™ to drive our efforts to digitize and automate the maintenance process. We needed a solution that covers our fleet of 126 trucks for 7 users at Mid-South Transport. The goal was to save the time the crew spent on paperwork used for routine maintenance and compliance and in effect move to a paperless operation. We were also looking to eliminate errors in data entry and to gain easy access to work and asset history.

Since go-live late in 2022 after a short implementation period, the maintenance department and crew at Mid-South Transport have greatly benefited from the implementation of iMarq.

Our success with using iMarq to move to a digital model for maintenance and reporting has hinged three primary factors:

  1. First and foremost, ease of use and high adoption rate within our crew
  2. The ability to meet our specific requirements (e.g. workflows, processes, policies etc.)
  3. Minimal IT impact

The Crew’s Experience with iMarq

The Connixt team worked closely with our users to understand their requirements and solicited their feedback from the very beginning.  Therefore, once deployed, our crew was able to start using iMarq quite easily with none of the usual change management issues that software deployments in shop-floors entail.  Our team has found the iMarq app quite intuitive and easy to use.  From our perspective this is the most critical factor in our successful deployment.

Customized to our requirements

The implementation process began with the Connixt team working with us to understand our requirements and processes.  Connixt then customized iMarq™ to meet our requirements, with feedback being implemented on a regular basis throughout the process.  This was particularly important for us since we have certain specific processes which were easily accommodated within iMarq.

The impact on IT and the backend integration

At Mid South Transport, we use GoMotive for our truck’s GPS and logging systems and Trimble TMS AS 400 as well. The integration of iMarq™ with backend systems was a key factor in the success of the project. The crew now has access to real-time information, such as mileage, VIN numbers, and locations of the trucks, allowing them to schedule maintenance efficiently. The ability to track the trucks has also provided added visibility and control to the operations.

The actual integration was a seamless process, taking only four weeks from build to roll out.  This ease of the integration was a stark contrast to other implementations we have seen in the past and was highly praised by the IT team. The Connixt staff was highly responsive to the needs and inquiries of Mid South Transport, providing prompt and effective resolution to any requests. Overall, the integration of iMarq was a positive experience for Mid South Transport, due in large part to the knowhow and support from Connixt.

So, what did we gain from digitization?

Our primary benefits have come from efficiency gains and automated compliance.

The work-order system has been a hit, especially with its voice-to-text feature which eliminates the need for manual keying or writing recording of observations. With the help of iMarq™, the team can now track the performance of their assets, identify issues, and review repair history efficiently.  Another advantage is the automatic generation of repair orders, which ensures timely maintenance. The crew can easily access their work for the day by simply logging onto their devices. The system has also streamlined the preparation for DOT audits and inspection reports, as all necessary information can be retrieved with just a few clicks. Overall, iMarq has greatly improved the maintenance procedures at Connixt.

Thanks to iMarq, there has been a significant transition to paperless operations. The inspection and work order forms are now digitized, allowing for quick and easy access. In compliance with DOT regulations, the audit reports are easily accessible to the crew and drivers at any time. Centralizing all information has improved communication between management and crew, as they no longer have to search for information. And since the data is stored in the Connixt cloud, we are able to share reports with our drivers as and when the need arises.  The improved accessibility and sharing of information has led to increased productivity and accuracy in the process.

What’s Next?

We are extending iMarq to meet our warehousing requirements. WMX, the iMarq Warehouse Management extension, is currently going through the testing phase at one of our warehouses. In the not-too-distant future, we may also look at an inventory management system. This would be the next big step for us.

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