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Connixt at ATA TMC 2023: Embracing Digital Transformation in Transportation and Logistics

Emma Johnson

Connixt was at the ATA’s Annual TMC 2023, in Orlando, Florida. It was a great opportunity to meet industry veterans in the fleet and transportation industry!  

The event also featured a number of engaging panel discussions, where participants had the opportunity to learn about new developments in the industry and discuss potential solutions to common challenges. The panels covered a wide range of topics, from supply chain optimization to sustainability and green logistics. One of the key topics discussed was digital transformation and how technology is changing the way businesses operate in the transportation and logistics sector. Industry leaders shared their insights on how to leverage technology for better outcomes and to remain competitive in the ever-evolving industry. 

Several of our conversations both at the Connixt booth as well at the conference sessions centred on the industry’s quest for efficient and profitable growth even as they grapple with supply chain pressures.  With the rise of automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, there is a growing interest among companies to see how best these technologies can help streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service.  We also noted an interest in extending trucking and logistics to warehousing and vendor-managed / consigned inventory – this was particularly relevant in the context of Connixt’s upcoming Warehousing Management Extension (WMX) release.   

We had the opportunity to showcase iMarq’s ability to integrate with many telematics systems and its ability to digitize maintenance operations, enabling companies to improve operational efficiency. TMC 2023 reinforced industry interest in extracting greater value from their telematics investments. 

TMC 2023 allowed us to gain insight into the challenges and goals of the transportation industry. We had the opportunity to witness first-hand, the plans to advance and grow within the industry and we are excited to see how the industry will evolve through 2023. 

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