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The Future of DOT Compliance Is Digital!

Digital transformation is inevitable in today’s business world. Many companies are adopting digital technologies to improve their operations, but the transportation industry has been lagging behind.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has mandated that all commercial motor carriers (CMCs) adopt electronic logging devices (ELDs) to track their Hours of Service (HOS). This is a huge change for the transportation industry, and DOT compliance services will need to be digitized to keep up.

Mobile apps like iMarq™ can help CMCs improve their operations by providing real-time visibility into their fleet’s performance. ELDs / Telematics provide a wealth of information on the health of the vehicle, which can be put to further use by iMarq. By automating DOT compliance-related tasks and processes, trucking companies can improve their efficiency and bottom line. iMarq™ can help you track compliance status, identify areas of improvement, put in place proactive maintenance processes and make changes necessary to keep up with DOT regulations.

DOT compliance processes can be very complex, and they often require manually filling out forms that are time-consuming and often prone to errors. Companies can be fined for not complying with regulations, and they may also suffer reputational damage if they are found to be non-compliant. In 2019, the FMCSA collected $27.9 million in safety violations, an increase of over 10% compared to previous years. With the ELD mandate, DOT compliance services will need to be digitized to keep up with any changes in regulations.

Here are just three ways in which iMarq is leading the way to enable easy compliance:

  1. Connixt’s iMarq™ can help CMCs extract greater intelligence from their ELD data to have a single source of actionable truth across systems.
  2. iMarq also lets companies track the health of their vehicles to ensure they remain compliant with laws & regulations.
  3. Easy integration with other systems and an easier UI makes routine DOT reporting a simple button click away. Empower your crew and managers with the reports they need, when they need it, wherever they are!


Paper management alone costs businesses approximately $8 billion annually so going paperless can help save companies money. Connixt’s iMarq™ can help operators save time and money by generating digital compliance reports. By using digital services, operators can also avoid the need to hire compliance staff or outsource compliance-related tasks. With iMarq™, companies can easily identify and correct compliance problems by accessing maintenance records and inspections reports at any given time. In addition, it can help operators track the history of their assets and identify potential problems ahead of time to make preventive maintenance easier.

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The new changes in DOT regulations is an indication that federal authorities would like the transportation industry to move to digitize their processes and go paperless. Backend maintenance system integration challenges, low user adoption and complicated technology seem to be holding the industry back from going digital faster. With easy-to-use apps like iMarq™, the transition to digital from a paper-heavy process is easier and this saves companies time and money all while keeping them compliant.

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