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Digital Transformation for the Last Mile

Why the Last Mile matters and what it means for Assets, Workforce & Compliance

For companies in asset-intensive and engineering industries the game is often won or lost at the point of performance – in the last mile of operations, where up-time and reliability are driven both by asset integrity and the efficiency of the crew that responds to service requests and performs maintenance.

Technology is not new to either the back-office or the field.  Back-office systems abound in the market – they store information, run reports, and can direct the scheduling of services weeks or months in advance.  Field crew are equipped with the best of trucks and equipment, and sometimes carry ruggedized laptops that can connect with back-end systems.

Yet, even in the best run businesses there is a disconnect between the field and the office.  This disconnect is driven primarily by the means by which the two are connected – ranging from old-fashioned, paper- or spreadsheet-based documentation to even two-way radio reporting methods followed by manual data entry or data stored in multiple systems – all of which impede the free flow of information.  Businesses (and their systems) need a transparent, real-time view of their operations, and they need to be able to glean actionable insights from that picture to increase deploy their crew efficiently to optimize asset integrity and stay compliant.  And the field workers need access to real-time information with drill-down capabilities.

This is the last mile disconnect – where the automated back-office, and the field crew equipped with all the latest tools are out-of-synch.

This disconnect results in constant scheduling and rescheduling of resources, equipment downtime while awaiting parts, non-compliant operations and audits that need many man-days of work to simply compile reports.  And there are problems that are not evident, but have a high impact – for instance, “how many times did part X fail within 3 months” or an even simpler question of “which of these parts are under warranty vs not” are questions that need immediate answers both in the office and in the field.

There is technology that can help.  Seamless connectivity between the back-office and the crew – irrespective of the type of back-office systems in place – can be achieved more easily than ever before using cloud-mobile technology.

Connixt’s cloud-native, mobile-native suite is specifically focused on digital transformation for the last mile.

Serving asset operators, manufacturers and servicing firms across industries like transportation, energy & utilities, construction, and manufacturing, Connixt helps clients manage material, assets & crew on the field smarter, simpler and faster.

Combining advanced analytics and real-time reporting with powerful data capture tools designed specifically for use in the field, Connixt helps customers to map, manage and optimize the impact of assets, fieldwork and crews across every inch of the last mile.

With Connixt, everything is digitized: from inspections, service campaigns and maintenance, to inventory management and planning. We cut straight through old-world systems and digitize processes to help you to run a slicker, more seamless operation where the field and the office come together as one.

Replacing analog workflow tools with an easy-to-use, app-based solution that works across smart phone devices and tablets, the platform is simple by design. It needs no new hardware or software to implement, and can be accessed standalone from the cloud, or integrated with pre-existing EAM platforms. Better yet, you can have it up and running in weeks, with near-100% adoption.

Find out more  about how Connixt customers show 20% labor-hour gains while waiting on their EAM upgrades/migration and contact us today.

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