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Transformation in Transit

Innovations in transit are a global trend. From the driverless trains in Lille, France, that now carry nearly 1 billion passengers annually, to LA Metro’s new MicroTransit – a hybrid of mass transit and ride hailing with a lower, affordable price-per-ride.  Digital, automation, machine learning and IoT (Internet of Things) are all here to stay and impacting the transit industry on many fronts.  

Connixt is a part of two events that explore these technologies and their impact on agencies, workforce, and riders.

7th Annual SmartTransit, Oct 28-30, 2019, Los Angeles
At the SmartTransit conference, LA Metro partners with the Regional Connector Transit Project Station and invites attendees to come along for a ride. Riders will be able to see the construction that is underway and hear firsthand about the plans to create a one-seat ride from LA to Azusa and East LA to Santa Monica.

Connixt is proud to sponsor the event; Connixt CTO Prabu Ekambaram and I will be moderating individual panels on modernized maintenance on Tuesday, October 29.  We will be discussing the evolving methods for maintenance and the transit workforce.  Digital transformation is everywhere, and now it’s coming to transit.

As our good friend Bob Spadafora, Senior Executive Officer of Rail Fleet Services at LA Metro said, “Digital is the future. It’s just the way to go.

California Transit Association’s 54th Annual Fall Conference & Expo
We are thrilled that the CTA show this year (November 13-15) is having a focused session where attendees can “learn by doing”, because as transit people, we want to get our hands on it to see how it works. We are at booth #407 at the Expo on November 14th and would love to talk to you about what digital transformation can do for agencies and riders.

What most transit agencies know is that, yes, innovation is important, but how much does it cost? You want to look at the ROI it brings for sure, but don’t overlook the streamlined processes it brings, the major reduction in paperwork, whether or not it can integrate with your back end systems, and most important of all, the impact on safety and reliability for your riders.

When we present the Connixt iMarq™ mobile app suite to clients, one of the first things we talk about is that almost all the asset maintenance, inspections and agency forms can be completed and submitted from smart phones or tablets. Then we talk about enhancing safety and compliance for SGR, TAM, and MAP21 efforts – all digitally with the iMarq app.

From there, the transformation begins to happen. The thinking about transit is changing, the how it can happen is a new thought. And that’s what we’re talking about.

At Connixt, we have seen inspiration turn into innovation, innovation create motivation, and motivation create transformation. That’s why we are invested in both of these conferences because they embrace the same tenets.

To paraphrase a favorite quote of mine, “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and transformative at the end.

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