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All Eyes on Connixt …and for Good Reason

G Satish
JULY-2019 - 1

METRO Innovative Solutions Award

Connixt just won the prestigious METRO Innovative Solution Award from METRO Magazine, the oldest, most established trade publication for the transit industry in the world. Connixt was nominated for its mobile solution, iMarq™ by its customer, the Los Angeles Metro, who received the award along with Connixt.

And that was only one the many moments of industry recognition these past few weeks.

LA Metro had much to say about what digital transformation can really accomplish for one of the country’s largest transit agencies. And the industry listens when they talk.

APTA Passenger Transport Case Study

LA Metro: Full Speed Ahead

The August 19 issue of Passenger Transport, published by the American Public Transit Association (APTA), talked about LA Metro’s journey into the digital era with iMarq. Metro was looking to for ways increase the efficiency and scalability of their operations and to reduce or eliminate the plethora of paperwork that plagues most transit entities. They found those answers and more with iMarq from Connixt.

At the APTAtech2019 conference in Columbus, Bob Spadafora, Senior Executive Officer of Rail Fleet Services at LA Metro, took the wheel at our joint presentation “Improving Operational Efficiency with Digital Asset Management”. Bob outlined LA Metro’s digital transformation in maintenance and operations using Connixt iMarq™, as well as the measurable ROI and gains from that initiative.

IMG_4168 (1)

BusCon 2019 Presentation

The next stop was BusCon 2019 at Indianapolis. The presentation, “How Cloud-Based Mobile Technology Can Make Maintenance Easier”, addressed best practices to harness cloud and mobile technologies in asset integrity and field force efficiency. Al Martinez, Senior Director of ITS from LA Metro, joined me on stage to address questions from an engaged audience about reporting, maintenance systems integration, and the general impact of such digital initiatives across the entire agency.

APTAtech 2019 Bob and Satish at Podium

Educational Services Committee Meeting

On October 2nd, the Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium’s (SCRTTC) Educational Services Committee Meeting,

Each of these has been a proud moment for everyone at Connixt – we are a young company explore how Connixt iMarq could help agencies grapple with the advent of new technology (e.g. Zero Emission Buses) in the workshops.

bringing breakthrough digital transformation solutions that have enterprise-wide impact, and industry recognition along with customer endorsement means much to us. More importantly, while LA Metro has indeed moved the needle on the technology front using Connixt, all of this has a measurable impact for the mechanic, the engineer, and ultimately the passenger, in delivering safe reliable transit efficiently every day.

As Bob Spadfora said when he concluded his presentation at APTAtech 2019: “The future is digital. It’s just the way to go.”

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