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iMarq integrates with Samsara


The integration now allows fleet managers to bring real-time GPS, fault codes, and maintenance data from Samsara into the iMarq Maintenance Platform.

Why Core Values Are Our Engine for Success


Our core values can be separated into three broad areas: our customers, our employees, and our products. These describe how we approach our business by investing in our stakeholders and our services from an external and internal perspective.

Six Sources of ROI from Digital Transformation

The foremost impact is on the most valuable commodity for any business – time. Digital transformation provides businesses with the tools to streamline their processes and eliminate zero value-added activities. 

Optimizing Your Work Efficiency Using iMarq’s Super Flexibility

Optimizing Your Work Efficiency Using iMarqs Super

Our philosophy at Connixt is that technology should be easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, and demonstrate tangible results. Digital and cloud-based solutions shouldn’t just “look good” in a conference room, they should also have practical capabilities that empower the end-user.

The Connixt Roadmap for Digital Transformation


At Connixt we attempt to anticipate applicability of new technology not for just today’s use cases, but for future ones. This prevents technology-creep – new features overwhelming products where new tech is present but not used.

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