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Cloud Technology is Revolutionizing Transportation’s Workforce Management

Emma Johnson

How the Transportation Industry Is Increasing its Productivity Through Cloud-Based Solutions

Digital transformation has allowed many organizations to reduce their operational inefficiencies by minimizing the instances of zero-value added activities. The Transportation & Logistics industry, including Public Transit, over-the-road freight, Rail freight among others, for example, is just one of the industries that have replaced their paper-reliant processes with live, data-sharing, technologically-powered solutions. Through the use of modern cloud technology, transportation companies are able to optimize their cost efficiency, improve their productivity, and maximize their scalability at an affordable price. But how is cloud technology able to do this?

In this article, we will break down the advantages of cloud computing as a tool for optimizing the operational efficiency of the transportation sector.

How Cloud Computing is Empowering Public Transit

Cloud technology allows businesses to circumvent the cost and maintenance of local, digital infrastructure and replace it with global, readily-available information, services, and computing power. Below are a few of the ways in which these advantages can be used to digitally enhance the managerial and operational processes of the transportation industry.


One of the most expensive aspects of digital transformation is often the transition; building infrastructure, retraining employees, and retrofitting current operations for new systems. Fortunately, with cloud technology, the transportation industry can access, store, and manage their data digitally at a much lower cost. Cloud computing is an on-demand service that allows companies to benefit from the economies of scale of other cloud service providers without having to heavily invest in the necessary infrastructure. Therefore, companies that utilize cloud technology are maximizing their outcomes whilst minimizing their costs.


In addition to cost-effectiveness, cloud technologies also maximize the scalability of their users. Since most cloud services are hosted by third-party providers, firms can increase or decrease their cloud needs as needed with little or no consequence beyond a marginal change in price. If a logistics provider were to add capacity, they would have to increase the number of rolling stock units processed, the number of operators, and their scope of management. But by using cloud technology, these firms can standardize their processes and create scalable, interconnected communication channels to optimize process efficiency and minimize the financial burden of expansion.

Elimination of Zero-Value Activities

The transportation industry has long been plagued by pen-and-paper solutions. From delay reports to fleet inspections and mandatory reporting, public and private players alike are required to fill out, exchange, and deliver forms at a high frequency. These processes are plagued with inefficient, and mundane, pain points like illegible handwriting, paper damage, and misplacement. By using the cloud coupled with mobile app solutions, organizations can easily reduce instances of zero-value added activities and significantly increase the productivity of all of their employees. This is why Connixt’s cloud-mobile app suite is centered around digitizing and streamlining all of your maintenance & inspection operations.

How Connixt is Taking Cloud a Step Further

At Connixt, our goal is to simplify your business and its processes through low-IT-impact digital transformation. By incorporating the knowledge, insight, and expertise of the end users themselves, we were able to create a cloud-based solution designed for the transportation sector that maximizes worker productivity, reduces operational friction, and improves cost efficiency. Here are just a few of the ways in which Connixt is able to elevate your cloud utility in your daily operations.

Constant Functionality

On top of providing all of the added capabilities of cloud technology, Connixt is able to support these features on a 24/7 basis. For transportation companies with an extended 20-hour or round-the-clock operation schedule, having full functionality at all hours not just a bonus, but a necessity.

Super Flexibility

This Connixt-created term describes the high degree of flexibility integrated into the Connixt cloud-mobile suite. Our super flexible products allow cloud and mobile computing technology to adapt and meet a wide range of on-field requirements for each customer. No matter the form type, workflow, or process, the Connixt suite of cloud-mobile applications maximizes both your agility and your investment.

100% User Adoption

The goal of any investment should be to maximize its return, financial or otherwise, in the long-term. By developing easy-to-use, intuitive mobile apps, we are able to ensure that clients, and their employees, get the most out of their cloud-mobile experience, as well as their operations. We achieve this level of buy-in with a low skill threshold, personalized form and process integration, and native functionality on every platform.

For transportation and logistics companies looking to take advantage of cloud technology and digitally transform their managerial and operational practices, consider integrating the iMarq mobile suite. iMarq’s rapid two-step implementation and device/OS versatility make it one of the simplest ways to transition your business into the cloud. To learn more about iMarq and other personalized cloud-based solutions, contact us for more information.

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