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Optimizing Your Work Efficiency Using iMarq’s Super Flexibility

Amy Garcia

Optimizing Your Work Efficiency Using iMarq’s Super Flexibility

As important as digital transformation is, its costs should not outweigh its benefits. That being said, many businesses will often settle for poor digital integration in order to modernize their data quickly. For example, most technology vendors will often force clients to change their processes to fit their software product. For many enterprises, this isn’t a very accommodating or user-friendly solution, which is why so many corporations are hesitant to invest in new technological innovations in the first place. After all, the measure of effective implementation is 100% end-user adoption. The only way to facilitate this adoption is by integrating technology that accommodates organizational needs, not by adapting company processes to accommodate new technology.

Our philosophy at Connixt is that technology should be easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, and demonstrate tangible results. Digital and cloud-based solutions shouldn’t just “look good” in a conference room, they should also have practical capabilities that empower the end-user. The biggest complaint we have heard from unhappy end-users is that the software that looks great in conference room presentations is rarely developed and oriented towards the end-user. That is why operational flexibility and user experience were our two main priorities when developing iMarq. How we achieved this was creating this concept of super-flexibility.

What is Super-Flexibility?

Super-flexibility is a Connixt term used to describe the high degree of flexibility built into the Connixt cloud-mobile suite that allows adaptation to a range of on-field requirements. For instance, iMarq supports all types of forms, workflows and processes that a business may encounter. Not only that, it offers real-time configuration & deployment, in addition to customized reporting (with relevant corporate logos and even colors). All these features maximize the accessibility and utility of the app and its user experience: thus acquiring super-flexibility status.

Your Business Your Way

From the very earliest days of Connixt, our developers focused first on talking to end-users – the linemen, technicians and maintenance staff – to learn about their expectations from a mobile app. We like to consider these workers to be our number one customers because they are the ones ultimately relying on the software to improve their workflow. While these discussions were across a range of industries, we found some consistent themes in the feedback:

  • “I shouldn’t need to become a technologist to use new tools”
  • Past iterations had been built for presentations not for practicality.
  • “Too complex to use”

And, the most common refrain: “Just let me do my job.”

These are fair sentiments when you consider the lack of end-user input gathered by tech vendors and company executives in the past. Employees don’t want to have to unlearn years of accumulated knowledge or be forced to learn a totally new set of skills. Similarly, the ‘next new tool’ is always a worry for users who feel as though each tech solution is only a temporary change until a better version comes along. All of this negatively impacts user adoptions, which, as discussed earlier, is the measure of successful integration. We also learned that they wanted a platform that could easily accommodate their forms and processes, so as to minimize the amount of re-training.

One of the biggest challenges of integrating new technology is the time it takes to train team members on how to use it. If the software, equipment, or application is too complex or too different, it can lead to even more inefficiencies – not less. That is why we built in a high degree of configurability into iMarq. Clients can digitally transform their operations with a mobile app that is built to adapt to existing form types and processes rather than disrupt them. Once the current processes are digitized, it becomes easier to fine-tune, modify or simplify based on user feedback. This is the concept of super-flexibility.

Increased User Adoption

As mentioned above, training employees to adopt new technology is challenging, and convincing them embracing change is worth the trouble. Due to the increased diversity of the workforce, employees may have varying levels of comfort with technology. In creating our suite of cloud-mobile app suite, our main goal was to create a user-friendly piece of software that didn’t require the user to be a technologist. So far, we have successfully achieved our goal by developing an application that embraces simplicity and flexibility when it comes to operational assistance.

The reason why user accessibility is such an important feature when it comes to iMarq’s super flexibility is that it encourages user adoption. Employees are less likely to adopt a new piece of technology if they don’t know how to use it and thus feel overwhelmed by knowledge barriers. This is no different than new tools and equipment that are too challenging or frustrating to encourage regular use. The net result of complexity and feature-bloat is that, as a client, your return on investment is suboptimal.

Promotes and Utilizes User Feedback

What makes iMarq particularly special and particularly flexible is its ability to rapidly implement user feedback. At Connixt, we see continuous process improvement as a necessity for our customers. . The initial implementation that mirrors existing forms, processes and workflows is just the starting point. As users continue to use iMarq and embrace digitization, they come up with ideas to enhance their work – and this is where iMarq’s super-flexibility comes into play. Once a change is approved by the customer, iMarq can be configured to reflect these changes within days, if not hours. . This helps foster user ownership of the application; and, if users feel that they can contribute to the optimization and customization of their activities, there’s no reason the rate of adoption would be less than 100%.

iMarq’s super flexibility is one of its most valuable features. It encourages users to adopt, embrace, and optimize the application in ways that are both productive and profit-maximizing. To ensure that you are maximizing the profitability of your workforce and your investment, check out iMarq today.

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