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iMarq integrates with Samsara

Prabhu Ekambaram

I am pleased to announce that Connixt iMarq™ is now integrated with Samsara – a further step towards digitizing and automating asset management and maintenance for Samsara customers.  iMarq is listed in the Samsara Marketplace.

The integration now allows fleet managers to bring real-time GPS, fault codes, and maintenance data from Samsara into the iMarq Maintenance Platform. Once this information is received in iMarq, further maintenance action including Work Orders, parts requests, scheduling and assignment can be triggered automatically with updates to any back-end CMMS/EAM system.  This enables customers gain better visibility into fleet health, improved uptime, and the ability to stay one step ahead of any potential maintenance issues using iMarq’s Cloud-Mobile technology.

This is in step with our philosophy of organic growth in the Product Road Map – our commitment to NOT introduce anything into the product just for the sake of technology unless it meets the test of adding value to customers / processes / use cases.

This is also a further example of Connixt’s Open Enterprise Architecture at work to achieve non-invasive integration, extension and co-existence with our customers’ existing (and future) environment/devices.

Samsara Press Release.

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