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Connixt iMarq – Year 2021 at a glance

Prabhu Ekambaram

This past year has been a super-productive year for our Connixt iMarq product and platform with substantial headway in our vision and product roadmap. We not only extended our product beyond the four walls but also laid the foundation for our future expansion.

Our goal at Connixt has always been to simplify the end-user experience while continually enhancing functionality. This includes extending deep into enterprise systems, equipment, and devices, and simultaneously leveraging the great advances in mobile operating systems with every new release.

And in the midst of all this rapid product expansion, we have stayed true to our core philosophy of organic growth in the Product Road Map – essentially our commitment to NOT introduce anything in the product just for the sake of technology unless it adds value to our customers, their processes, industry use cases, and most, importantly our end users.

In this past year our focus was primarily in:

  • Integration with External systems (IoT and EAM)
  • Product features and modules
  • Reporting and Analytics

Connixt iMarq - Year 2021 at a glance 2

Out-of-the-box Integration With External Systems

Connixt has worked diligently on its Open Enterprise Architecture so that non-invasive integration, extension, and co-existence with external/internal systems and devices could become a possibility, and so it has! Its integration falls into two primary categories:

  1. IoT: Devices and Sensors
  2. Enterprise Systems: CMMS/EAM/ERP

IoT Integrations

With the proliferation of devices and sensors on moving and fixed assets, integration achieves substantial benefits. Device vendors offer dashboards in often proprietary platforms that serve to inform. iMarq’s integration with these sensors takes these capabilities many steps further.

  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) / Telematics
    iMarq’s integration with providers like Samsara and Geotab now allows maintenance crew to obtain real-time GPS locations, fault codes, maintenance data, and more directly from the devices. Fault-codes can automatically trigger maintenance and part requests, as well as Work Orders, along with the asset’s location. With improved visibility into fleet health, improved uptime, and the chance to stay one step ahead of any potential issues, the crew can deliver faster turnaround and increase asset uptime.
  • Fixed Asset Maintenance
    Our integration with OutdoorLink devices now allows fault signals to trigger action with Work Orders, Material requests and more. For instance, if a bus stop light has stopped working, an alarm signal is sent to OutdoorLink. iMarq can now receive these signals, create a task and assign the task to the appropriate maintenance crew for further action. This helps to ensure that maintenance tasks are automated and that customers can maintain their assets proactively.

EAM Integrations

Connixt continues to expand its EAM/CMMS integration capabilities as a means to extend these back-end systems to the field and the workshop. Connixt iMarq’s Open Enterprise Architecture ensures such integration is easily accomplished and we are continuing to add to our stable of out of the box integrations. As always, your field and maintenance crew can now use iMarq native apps that come with speech-to-text features, barcode scanning, and more. They collect even more asset data than EAMs can handle to get images with annotation, audio, and reformatted reports, along with approved workflows and analytics and reports on the condition of the assets.

With the addition of Maximo and SAP, our current out of the box integration roster now includes Trapeze, AssetWorks, Maximo, SAP, among several others. With more to follow throughout this year.

Insight & Analytics

iMarq has expanded its capability to now offer configurable dashboards with snapshots of data for executives, supervisors, managers, and admins. For example, realtime Mechanical Integrity Reports, compliance/non-compliance, and Failed Item Analysis enable management by exception.

Additional Modules

  • Support Tickets using which customers can create tickets for maintenance.
  • Parts and Inventory
  • Asset location-based inspections
  • Measure using Lidar technology
  • Map based maintenance for Assets and Work Orders

There is much more planned in our roadmap this year and beyond. But beyond feature / functionality lists, our belief has been is that the key to a successful business is always to put its customers first, which takes Connixt back to its core product philosophy:

Never introduce any feature in the product just for the sake of technology unless it adds direct value to our customers, especially end-users.

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