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Mobile apps are the next big thing in supply chain automation

Supply chain management professionals within large and small companies have embraced the mobile movement, with over 85 percent of businesses adopting mobile applications for their operations. If you are an organization seeking to improve your enterprise business process efficiencies, consider mobile for your supply chain and asset management.

Mobile applications have become the go-to software for field service oriented organizations too, by seamlessly automating and interconnecting essential components of the supply chain and enabling on-site users instant access to business-critical information input by off-site staff.  This places the power in the hands of enterprise users to make informed decisions at the point of action – whether it be at the office or in the field.

Inventory management

Many small and medium-sized organizations often fail to operate at maximum capacity and struggle to stay competitive, especially when they, or their suppliers or customers, are geographically dispersed.  This is further compounded by the use of different enterprise systems – or lack thereof – across different businesses.  Mobile apps combat this problem by providing a cost-effective solution to inventory and supply chain management efficiency, by offering ease of access, real-time data visibility and control over the entire supply chain through mobile analytics and dashboards. This places the power in the hands of the user -wherever and whenever – via a connected mobile device. Instant access to on-hand finished goods inventory for placing client orders or procuring replenishment stock. The same applies to ordering, tracking and managing raw materials inventories throughout the supply chain process for producing finished goods.


Mobile apps can help simplify global supplier onboarding and management as well, by providing an easier way to gather the data and required documents to expedite the corporate approved supplier process. Once onboarded, use of an intuitive mobile app to review, respond and update is the fastest means to establish procure-to-pay automation in a secure environment to streamline shipment, invoicing and payment processes. Mobile apps can also eliminate paperwork and related latency for material movement, inspections and more.

Field Alerts

Mobile apps are extremely useful during and after natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods etc. Automated alerts enhance response to unexpected situations in the field. After a natural disaster, the app can be used for damage assessment, field inspection data collection and reporting.

To summarize, mobile apps are a great way to untether your enterprise from the limitations of using desktop-based complex enterprise and / or supply chain management solutions. They enable field data and global supply chain integration in minutes and simplify everything from order placement, to inventory management to product delivery to clients. Mobile applications have the power to enhance user productivity and organizational efficiency and improve your company’s bottom line.

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