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A case for mobile in the ERP world- Net Effects of Connectivity

It’s all about being connected today. This holds true when it comes to enterprise systems, too. Until recent years, most enterprise systems have been desk-based (let’s just not use the word “desktop” any more) applications mainly designed for data input and accessibility by users in the office. For field service-oriented organizations in industries such as transportation, utilities, construction, etc., this has posed specific challenges and, unfortunately, unrealized efficiency and effectiveness benefits from their ERP and CMMS systems. The problem has been the inability of technicians and managers in the field to quickly and easily connect to the system “on-the-go” and to input or access business-critical data. These back-end systems were never designed for field use – they were meant to run the entire from a centralized office.  That’s all changed now with mobile enterprise apps That plug into these ERP / CMMS systems, eliminating the “connection” gap and providing a seamless interface to the enterprise system – wherever and whenever – through a connected mobile device.

The Net Effect of Connectivity

Mobile enterprise apps are a low-cost solution, providing a powerful boost to return on investment (ROI) on ERP investments, through measurable cost savings resulting from increased organizational efficiency, effectiveness and data accuracy. The net effect is a positive impact to the bottom-line. Here’s a look at areas where mobile ERP apps make that happen.

Inventory Control and Logistics

Enterprise apps increase the efficiency and accuracy of inventory control and logistics related processes by eliminating field paperwork and data entry delays, while providing visibility into real-time information for field and office staff alike. Add to the list, customizable dashboards, mobile analytics, stock/supplies auto-replenishment, integrated vendor managed inventory (VMI), integrated mobile printing, barcode scanning and RFID, and the benefits of enterprise apps are truly apparent.

Field Inspections, Sampling and Asset Maintenance

Mobile apps enable businesses to effectively and efficiently coordinate field services and minimize rolling asset downtimes, based on field inspection data captured by ground technicians using mobile devices. The same is true for field sampling and routine asset maintenance. Assessment forms, damage reports, scheduled repair requests, work orders and emergency repair reports can all be documented and communicated instantaneously through the app and the relevant teams automatically notified for appropriate action required.

Enterprise apps can have far-reaching effects on the way business that have field operations are run.  Core organizational concepts of where and how decisions are made (back-office vs on the field) and how they are executed (who schedules, monitors and reports status?) are going through changes – some that are apparent right away, and others that will be felt in the next few years.

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