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Making Life Easy for the Maintenance Tech – What’s Next From Connixt

Emma Johnson

As we begin what can justifiably be called a new era with this first post-pandemic year, it is worth a look back at our mission and our plans and views for the future.

Why we do what we do

Connixt’s mission is simple: Make life easy for every maintenance tech out there.  We set out to completely eradicate the use of paper – and along with that no more clipboards, pens, kiosks for data entry, printouts, file folders, printers, audit scrambles, and lugging around reference manuals.

The result of our efforts is the Connixt iMarq mobile app suite that offers an experience like none other for workshop and field workers with features that they are already familiar with as consumers.  An app suite that is as intuitive as the best consumer apps out there but geared for enterprise use – essentially a consumer-grade, industrial-strength app suite.

Digital is long over due in the shop floor and we are setting out to put a mobile app in the hands of every crew member out there.  

What we deliver

Connixt iMarq is essentially an enterprise system for the field worker and the workshop crew – a work & asset management platform with workflow tools applicable to crew in any domain and across functions.  Some of our largest customers continue to find new uses for iMarq across different domains within the organization.  And across geographies in multiple languages.

We also wanted to make it easier than any enterprise application out there.  We allowed configuring any form, process, and workflow in the Connixt cloud which is directly deployed on native apps on any iOS and Android device in the field.  Field techs can easily create checklists, associate with any asset or guide for any line (in-context help), and stay connected online or offline.  iMarq integrates seamlessly with any ERP, EAM, CMMS and enriches the data within these systems.  The result is also newer and more real-time insights and analytics that directly aid decision-making.


Your current systems 

Your current back-end systems – ERP, EAM, and CMMS – are centralized and not built for today’s mobile and cloud world.  We are yet to find end-users in the field or workshop that like (forget love!) using backend systems in the shop floor or field – and this simply increases the probability for teams to fall back to paperwork. And these vendors merely offer mobile versions of the back-end systems – all with the same inflexibility and lack of user-friendliness that they are known for.

Apparently, heavy-duty backend systems have never been making life easy for the end-user – and we decided to fix that.

Connixt’s Solution Approach

Connixt offers pre-built functionality that caters to specific business functions – daily inspections, PM inspections, service requests, and incident reports. With compliance, traceability, auditability, and mechanical integrity, crew members can flourish at their jobs.


Connixt offers out-of-the-box integration with IoT, enterprise systems, and ancillary systems. Here are some of the specifics.

It offers deep integration of speech recognition, growth insights, analytics, and external analytics framework to integrate tools like Power BI, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

What’s Next

We continue to focus on our product, partnerships, and, most important of all, on the end-users.  We decided at the outset that our greatest marker of success is an end-user delight – and that is something we continue to stay fanatically focused on.

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