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Discover the brand new warehouse management extension in iMarq!

Digitization and automation of warehouse management systems are pegged to be one of the top trends in 2023. In addition to digitizing maintenance, companies are looking for quick and easy solutions to track inventory and the movement of parts.

Real-time, transparent views of stock, location (across divisions or warehouses), and availability are a challenge, especially for the end user. The crew that needs this access in the workshops or in the field frequently struggles with back-end systems that require multiple clicks or searches to get to the information they need, and often this information is available at kiosks that are far removed from the point of work. This results in users resorting to sheets of paper on clipboards that they fill in and then enter into the system—all time-consuming, error-prone, and likely to cause data to be out of sync.

We thus built the new warehouse management extension (WMX) for iMarq, geared specifically for the field user/crew. WMX enables companies to go entirely paperless and manage their warehousing operations through any device. With WMX, companies can track shipments, both inbound and outbound, through an easy and intuitive interface. The addition of WMX to iMarq helps organizations manage their maintenance and inventory in one place.

The integration of WMX and iMarq comes with minimal IT impact. This is a holistic solution without the overheads of complicated enterprise systems with long deployment cycles and high TCO.

To put it simply, the benefits of WMX include

  • Real-time visibility into spares/ parts movement across locations and in-field
  • Digitized inventory and location management
  • Digitized Goods Issue, Receipts, Shipment
  • Chain of custody and parts movement
  • On-field inventorying and condition assessment
  • Proof of issue, receipt, use in field with photos
  • Associate parts with Work Orders or Service Requests
  • Automated inventory updates, re-order alerts
  • Accurate inventory planning and management
  • Digitized audit trail
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Increased employee efficiency 

In addition to digitizing and automating standard warehouse operations, users will also reap the benefits of the native functionality of mobile apps and devices. This includes voice notes, speech-to-text, and annotated pictures, to name a few.

Join us for our webinar on April 11th at 11 am PST where we give you an insight into the workings of WMX. Our team of experts will take you through the capabilities of WMX and will also answer your questions.

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