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Digitization in the Trucking Industry and it’s impact on Audit Readiness

Did you know that in 2020, 93% of all offsite audits conducted in the trucking industry resulted in at least 1 violation? Failing an audit can have serious repercussions on companies, especially those that operate large fleets. This could include fines, enforcement, or even disciplinary action. Audits, like the FMCSA audit, are aimed to help companies stay compliant with state and federal regulations including those relating to safety. However, most companies struggle with the paperwork needed to fulfill these compliance requirements. With lower adoption rates of digitization, the maintenance and compliance process still relies on sifting through large volumes of paperwork.

iMarq helps solve these issues by digitizing and automating the repair and maintenance process to help field crew be more efficient. This cloud-based, enterprise-level app helps crew access and manage all their data in real-time using an easy, user-friendly interface. It saves your crew time by removing the hassle of manual entry and allows real-time access to all data. There is complete transparency and real-time tracking to ensure data integrity and digitized data trails. When performing inspections and maintenance, manual data entered into CMMS systems as well as the use of paper or spreadsheets can be error-prone and time-consuming. Digitizing this process can help track assets easily. In addition, the customizable dashboards available allow your crew to access data relevant to maintenance and compliance on the go. This in turn helps keep track of all the repair needs of your fleet and reduces the odds of missing or misplacing key documentation.

iMarq also automates the creation of work orders based on metrics like mileage, last inspection date, and time, thus doing away with manual data entry. Keeping track of failed items and their status during an inspection is crucial. iMarq allows you to identify potential issues and investigate their root cause in real-time. Additionally, it enables you to take corrective action to prevent a recurrence. This helps to save time and resources while staying on top of compliance requirements.

In a nutshell, digitizing and automating the maintenance process reduces manual errors, keeps your fleet document-ready and gives time back to your crew to focus on other aspects of the business. Our clients who have adopted this technology often tell us that they’ve managed to increase their efficiency by 20% simply because their crew spent less time filling out complicated forms. Preparing for audits has never been easier. With all the relevant information available at your fingertips, meeting regulatory requirements is a matter of a few simple clicks of a button.

iMarq is an adaptable mobile app that digitizes and automates the first mile of your business to provide transparency, increase efficiency and maintain compliance. Let iMarq do the work for you!

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