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3 ways to be sustainable by digitizing maintenance

Sustainable business practices, green initiatives, and reducing the carbon footprint are at the forefront of almost every industry’s goals. A recent report by IBM’s Institute for Business Value says that only 35% of companies have taken action on their sustainability strategy. Despite the growing importance of sustainability in the business world, it is clear that many companies are still struggling to keep up with demand.

So how do companies navigate the need of the hour while staying productive?

Paperless Operations

One solution is reducing the dependency on paper and digitizing the processes that require manual intervention. When it comes to complex and distributed maintenance processes, digitizing workflows and paper forms go a long way in reducing a company’s carbon footprint. It has been estimated that every ton of paper saved is the equivalent of 17 trees.

Easy Remote Monitoring of Assets

Let’s consider the case of wind energy as an example. Wind turbines today are larger than they were in the past and are installed further offshore because of their size. Digitization makes the entire process of energy generation more efficient. Technicians don’t have to travel to offshore locations as they can monitor the health of the turbine remotely. This makes the whole process of energy generation and maintenance more sustainable, and in the case of fleet maintenance, digitization helps technicians gain access to metrics that are hard to track with only paper forms. Pressure monitoring systems, mileage, and fuel consumption are examples of metrics that are easy to follow with digitization.

Sustainable Maintenance Management

Maintenance management can be made sustainable by optimizing operations using digital technologies. For example, fleet management is an industry that is often associated with heavy carbon consumption and high emissions. When the fleet is kept in optimum working condition, its carbon consumption and emissions can be managed efficiently. This requires the maintenance crew to have access to metrics and measures of their fleet at all times. Additionally, the move from paper to a digital solution reduces the operational costs of the workshop significantly. Sustainable fleet management is high on the list of priorities for companies in fleet management and technologies that offer this solution are being seen as the solution to a more efficient and eco-friendly fleet.

Every industry with complex maintenance systems and distributed assets is looking for ways to optimize its processes and increase its productivity. Digital solutions like iMarq help companies access data that is otherwise lost in paper trails. This also has a significant impact on collaboration across teams and access to information. The impact of digitization on sustainability is illustrated by the example of how iMarq helped Mid South Transport go paperless over a short period.

Does your organization have sustainability goals? We can help! Talk to us today to get a personalized demo for your operational needs.

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