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Re-imagining warehouse management with WMX

Efficient warehouse management is essential for businesses to meet customer demands, optimize inventory, and reduce costs. Connixt’s Warehouse Management Extension (WMX) is a powerful solution designed to streamline warehouse operations and manage inventory. WMX, as with all Connixt products, is designed for the end-user – the warehouse/stores crew who manage receipts and issues, and the technicians who use the parts in their day-to-day operations.

Developed on an open architecture, WMX seamlessly integrates with various systems, such as ERPs, legacy Warehouse Management Systems, and CMMS/EAMs, allowing for smooth data exchange and collaboration across different platforms. The cloud-mobile-based architecture of WMX ensures ready accessibility and usability for warehouse and store crew.  Its scalability, and real-time updates enable warehouse managers to oversee operations from anywhere at any time. Additionally, WMX optimizes inventory management, enhances demand forecasting, and automates decision-making processes, thereby improving productivity, operational efficiency, and cost savings.

WMX is a powerful and flexible solution for optimizing inventory and warehousing operations. Here’s how WMX stands out as a feature-rich warehouse management platform:

Inventory Control 

WMX seamlessly connects your inventory to your maintenance process through the Connixt iMarq platform. Your crew can track stock and movement of parts through WMX and gain real-time visibility of available inventory.


Inventory Alerts

WMX’s Inventory Alerts feature helps you stay on top of your inventory management. With real-time notifications for low stock levels, replenishment needs, and expiration dates, you can proactively manage your inventory to avoid stockouts and optimize reorder points.

Goods Receipt

Incoming goods are received effortlessly using the iMarq mobile app and can be tracked based on location, part numbers, or shipment date. The process is automated and requires little to no manual intervention.


Goods Issue

WMX captures comprehensive information about the allocation of parts, including the assets they are assigned to and the specific sites where they are utilized.


Good Movement & Consumption

WMX allows easy tracking of material after Goods Issue. The mobile app makes it easy for the user to receive material at remote locations, and associate the use of the material with specific Work Orders or Assets.   


Shipment with Attachments

WMX allows you to attach essential documents such as packing slips, delivery notes, and invoices directly to shipment records. This minimizes the paper trail and allows you to access your data in one place.


Analytics and Reporting

WMX allows users to customize their metrics to track stock and the movement of inventory across locations. This enables you to make data-driven decisions that optimize warehousing, identify areas that need improvement and reduces wastage.

Connixt’s Warehouse Management Extension (WMX) offers comprehensive features designed to streamline warehouse operations and enhance productivity. With WMX, businesses can achieve accurate inventory control, proactive inventory management, efficient handling of incoming shipments, simplified goods issue processes, and valuable insights through analytics and reporting. Organizations adopting WMX can optimize their warehouse processes, meet customer demands effectively, and drive cost savings.

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