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Reflecting on 2023: Connixt’s Year in Review

Amy Garcia
Reflecting on 2023 Connixt's Year in Review

2023 has been a whirlwind year for Connixt, packed with significant milestones and big leaps forward. We have been busy – hitting up trade shows, hosting webinars, rolling out product updates, and celebrating customer wins. All this while continuing to make life easy for techs, crew, supervisors, and executives – our end-users – with innovations that make a difference.

Trade Show Trot: Where conversations are the real MVP

Trade shows are a particular favorite at Connixt – we get to meet industry experts, discuss emerging trends, and, of course, iMarq.

We kicked off 2023 with the incredible Geotab Connect in February 2023, an event focused on fleet management excellence. The event followed the Connixt iMarq launch on the Geotab Marketplace and was the perfect stage for showcasing technological innovations in the industry, offering a platform for discussions on industry insights and navigating the landscape of 2023

TMC’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition was next on our February calendar. TMC’s annual gathering helped foster meaningful connections among industry professionals, focused on the ongoing evolution of transportation technology. As always, we had the opportunity to meet some of our customers and find many new ones!

We then dived into March with the CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, North America’s largest construction show. This marked our inaugural participation in the event, presenting a great opportunity to introduce iMarq to a broader audience within the construction, utility, and energy sectors, while also gaining insights into their primary drivers for 2023 and the future.

The Trimble Insight Tech Conference + Expo 2023, (September 2023) left a lasting impression on both our team and several attendees. The show’s highlight was the Industry Partner Showdown, a game-show-style competition where companies presented live demos of their mobile apps. Our CEO, G. Satish, took to the stage donning the hat of a crew member armed with iMarq to get through his list of tasks for the day – in all of 5 minutes. Through this event, we presented iMarq as a one-stop solution to make maintenance easy for crews and empower them to focus on what is important. More about our experience here.

The Partner Showdown at Insight Expo 2023

We ended our run of tradeshows for the year on a high with the APTA EXPO in Oct 2023. This event was the epicenter of everything public transportation and mobility. It proved to be the ideal platform to demonstrate the value iMarq adds to agencies across the sector.


A key insight of 2023? iMarq is exceptionally well-suited to meet the demands of field crew and asset maintenance in challenging environments, no matter th industry!

Webinar Whiz: A Year of Wisdom & Dialogue

This year, we engaged our team, partners and customers in discussions all through the year about their take on the industry, the power of iMarq to digitize asset management and its evolution over time.

A prime example is our recent partnership with Geotab, the global telematics market leader. We sat down with Geotab earlier this year to discuss the impact of the partnership and the value it adds to the industry at large.

We spent some time talking to our customers about the impact iMarq had had on their maintenance operations. In our dialogue with Mid South Transport, we discussed the implications of digitizing maintenance processes with iMarq, which resulted in an uptick of 20% in the company’s operational efficiency. Our conversation with RELAM, an industry leader in heavy equipment maintenance for the rail sector, focussed on the impact of having a mobile suite automate the maintenance process and the incredible feedback from their crew.

A special moment for us was the discussion on the evolution of iMarq, its new features, including warehouse & inventory management via WMX, and our AI-driven maintenance innovation, iBot, in a fireside chat with our founders, G. Satish and Prabu Ekambaram.

G Satish and Prabu Ekambaram

The webinar featuring G Satish and Prabu Ekambaram, was particularly close to our hearts as it emphasized a core Connixt value – simplifying the lives of maintenance crew

We wrapped up the year with a webinar featuring two distinguished experts: Dave Jackson, Sr. Transit ITS Program Manager at Jacobs, and Johnny Bofilios, Sales Capture Manager at Accenture. Hosted by G. Satish, we delved into the digitization trends of 2023, the role of AI in asset management, the balance between innovation, compliance, and security, and the trends poised to shape 2024.

A Year of Product Pizzazz – from Concept to Reality

Focusing on making tech simpler, smarter, and faster, we have developed new features that add real value to our customers. Recognizing challenges in real-time, transparent inventory management, we introduced the new Warehouse Management Extension (WMX) for iMarq. WMX is explicitly designed for field users and crew, allowing companies to go entirely paperless and manage warehousing operations via any device. It offers an easy-to-use interface for tracking both inbound and outbound shipments and has simplified inventory management, making the entire process more productive.`

Earlier this year, we announced the development of iBot, an AI-powered tool integrated within iMarq. iBot goes beyond answering basic queries; it can analyze maintenance data to provide solutions akin to experienced team members. iBot is currently in development and will be available for Beta in 2024.

iMarq’s Open Enterprise Architecture allows integration with virtually any backend system. These integrations have minimal IT impact and can be implemented without disruption to operations. This year, we expanded our integration capabilities further to add Trimble TMT, Geotab, NetSuite, Hexagon EAM, and IBM Maximo to the list of backend systems that iMarq works with. Our policy is to make the transition to iMarq ridiculously simple for the customer. This translates to having a no-code integration with any third-party system, including EAMs, ERPs, CMMS, legacy, and home-grown environments. This integration offers maximum flexibility with no changes to current systems and easy adaptation to future system upgrades or migrations.

Our Ultimate Goal? To empower our customers with more accurate tracking and management of their assets, ensuring they are working in top condition. We are adopting a data-centric approach to maintenance, using AI-powered insights to help make better decisions and enable predictive maintenance.


Celebrating Customer Milestones and New Beginnings

Our journey at Connixt would not be complete without acknowledging the accomplishments of our clients and our own. Indeed, that journey begins with our customers. Every milestone our customers achieve with iMarq clearly demonstrates the solution’s impact and effectiveness.

United Road, a frontrunner in vehicle transportation services, recently made significant strides by integrating iMarq with their Trimble TMT environment for digitizing maintenance and reporting processes. Their transition to a live environment marks an important step in their digital transformation journey.

Additionally, we successfully integrated iMarq with NetSuite for RELAM. This integration ensured that NetSuite and iMarq worked seamlessly together, offering a robust and efficient solution tailored to RELAM’s specific requirements.

This year, we also had the pleasure of welcoming a host of new clients to the Connixt family. Among them is Loblaw, Canada’s leading food and pharmacy brand, known for its innovative approach to grocery retail since 1919. Joining them are Maritime Ontario, one of Canada’s most trusted transportation carriers, and Stryder, a leading provider of warehouse and transport solutions. The exciting part? These are three diverse companies from three distinct industries, each with unique asset management requirements. It is fascinating to witness how iMarq delivers tailored value across such a broad spectrum of industries, further validating our solution’s adaptability and effectiveness in meeting varied asset management needs.

We also welcomed new faces to our team. Among the notable new members is Tom Hernandez, who joined our advisory board, bringing a wealth of sales and customer value experience. We are also thrilled to have Guha Bharadwaj leading our marketing team, where his expertise and innovative approach are already making an impact.

The Report Card – Measuring our success

The metrics from Connixt’s usage in 2023 reveal trends in the user adoption of iMarq. While our transaction volumes continue to grow, we are particularly glad that our customers now save an average of 7,000 sheets of paper a month as a direct result of using iMarq. Sustainable growth is a reality for our customers.

24% year on year growth

These metrics are not just numbers; they are valuable indicators of iMarq’s utility and areas for enhancement. They offer a clear view into which features are most utilized and which might need refinement, aligning with our ethos of ‘no tech for the sake of tech.’ Every feature is designed to add value, and understanding user interaction helps us fine-tune our offerings.

Wrapping Up

As we look back on this year, it is clear that Connixt has maintained its strong growth pace and significantly broadened its influence and effectiveness. The 2023 metrics, particularly the high transaction volumes, and user numbers, highlight the increasing trust and reliance our customers place on iMarq. These insights validate our commitment to delivering a valuable, user-friendly solution and will drive innovation not just within Connixt but within our customer’s organizations as well.

With that, we wrap up a busy 2023 and look forward to 2024 with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Our goal is to continue to grow and impact maintenance for a host of new organizations in the coming year. Our customers – both current and those we will welcome in 2024 – can look forward to more from us.

We will be back bigger and better in 2024. Till then, we wish you happy holidays. See you in the New Year!

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