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Digitizing the Last mile: Simplifying Utilities Management

Cloud and mobile digital transformation solutions are a powerful tool enjoyed by large enterprises and organizations across many sectors. For years now, companies from around the globe have been reaping the benefits of agile digital infrastructure—especially those like finance, tech, and consulting that don’t have to deal with the constraints of hard assets or labor.  Yet numerous other industries – particularly those with assets and crew on the field – that could benefit from the flexible, versatile nature of cloud-mobile solutions don’t necessarily have the technological infrastructure or staff to support moves in this direction.

Utilities, in particular, represent a unique challenge in the cloud-mobile digitization space. These organizations are charged with maintaining the uninterrupted delivery of some of humanity’s most crucial resources such as energy, water and transit services. This means technicians are constantly on the go, conducting numerous tests, repairs, and analyses. For all the claims about smart meters and grids revolutionizing the utilities sector, there’s still constant on-the-ground work that has to be carried out. And the emphasis has always been on reliability rather than bleeding-edge technology adoption.

Traditional workforce management styles like manual input and storage are certainly reliable, but they are also incredibly slow and not scalable. On the other hand, custom software solutions can take a long time to develop, and there is no guarantee that their Total Cost of Ownership and efficiency gains are any better than the old-school methods they seek to replace. Thankfully, innovative companies in the cloud services space are developing solutions that take the concept of “light weight” to a whole new level.

The Era of Digital Field Work for Utilities

Despite the user-friendly nature of many of today’s software, it is still a challenge to provide easy-to-adopt, intuitive applications to workers on the move. Laptops may be powerful, but they can’t compete with mobile when it comes to versatility. It simply isn’t efficient to have field workers lugging devices around with them from site to site, or to walk back and forth between their trucks and places of work. And, the capabilities of smartphones and tablets far exceed those of laptops – the ability to photograph and annotate, for instance.

As smartphones and tablets (and their operating systems) continue to evolve rapidly, companies are leveraging the enhanced power of mobile applications for improved fieldwork service delivery. Specifically, these applications streamline administrative tasks, improve customer interactions, and provide more secure workforce management solutions. As a result, this system makes it much easier to track worker location and progress for real-time insights into what crews are experiencing on the ground.

The expert team at Connixt has taken this mobile solution to the next level, providing a service-based platform that offers all the benefits of remote workforce and work management for a variety of daily operations in addition to responding to emergencies. For any stakeholders looking to optimize the performance of utilities field workers, iMarq is the ideal solution.

iMarq: Expert team

Simplifying Utilities Management with iMarq

With iMarq™, Connixt follows through on its promise to prioritize customer experience over mere technology showcasing. The mobile application is simple, easy to use, and requires no additional tech infrastructure, making it ideal for fieldworkers and stakeholders alike. Furthermore, there is no extensive capital investment or high-stakes ROI to worry about.

Mobile Management Features

iMarq’s lean mobile design means that your utility crew, contractors, and other temporary workers can all be on-boarded onto the platform within a few days, with little to no backend development required. From there, you can rest easy knowing that a whole suite of utilities management solutions is at their fingertips, including:

  • Automated signatures and field approvals
  • Incident reports and damage assessment
  • Creation, delivery, and reception of work and service orders from the field
  • Real-time location tracking of field workers
  • Simplified materials and parts requests
  • Automated geo-tagging and time-stamping

iMarq in Action

Connixt’s mobile workforce management app has been used successfully across multiple industries with distributed workforces. The agnostic system can integrate with any back-end system to improve crew monitoring. iMarq has effectively leveraged:

    • The Los Angeles Metro recently partnered with Connixt to use iMarq. The commuter service improved the efficiency of their workforce by 20%, saving an estimated 400 hours per day!
    • Facilities management firm Jorgensen applied iMarq for their inventory and inspection programs, experiencing productivity gains between 50% and 100% for each

If you want to learn more about how mobile apps are revolutionizing utilities workforce management and other enterprise processes, reach out to Connixt today!

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