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iMarq Release 8.x: What’s New, What’s Ahead?

Prabhu Ekambaram

The primary goal of iMarq™ is to help field crew maintain their assets in top condition and improve their quality of life by digitizing and automating their work and continually simplifying end-user experience while improving functionality. At Connixt, we are constantly working on expanding our footprint while following an organic product growth map where we commit to introducing product features that add value for customers, their industries, use cases, and, most importantly, end-users.

We have just released version 8.x of our iMarq suite. This version includes new features and modules, enhances integration with external systems (IoT and EAM/CMMS systems), and expands its capability to report and deliver the most actionable and meaningful insights for our customers. In this short piece, we will discuss these new additions in detail.

New Product Features and Modules

  1. Management by Exception: To help the back-office crew save time and effort, we have developed a Failed Item Section that allows maintenance teams to tend to items that require urgent attention. Additionally, the new version enables proactive notifications for failed items that allow users to intervene only when necessary.
  2. Easy Measurements: The Measure Functionality allows users to measure and record the length between two points using LIDAR technology that is now available in iOS.
  3. Maintenance by Location: iMarq 8.x introduces a detailed map view of work orders and assets that allow users to choose the job closest to them, get directions and directly call customers from within iMarq if needed. Thus, it provides a single convenient map view that allows users to view and finish tasks.
  4. Improved Visuals: While the previous iMarq version allowed users to upload images with annotation, users can now upload files and audio as well in the new version. For instance, they can record the rattling sound of a dysfunctional machine and even their comments.
  5. Make it your own: Each user’s preference is different and when it comes to colors; with this new version, we have introduced color pallets with which the users can experience iMarq in the color of their choice.
  6. Get help instantly: The new Support Ticket module allows customers to log and track issues. Once such a support ticket is created, it sends mail notifications, assignments, and approvals.

Integration With External Systems

iMarq has developed new capabilities to enable integrations with external systems, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) / Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

iMarq Release 8.x Whats New, Whats Ahead 1

  1. IoT Integration

iMarq’s integration with IoT sensors offers tremendous benefits for vendors by providing them greater visibility of their management and crew.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) / Telematics: iMarq’s integration with providers like Samsara and Geotab allows the maintenance crew to obtain real-time GPS locations, fault codes, maintenance data, and more directly from the devices, and to auto-generate Work Orders from these alerts. This helps convert alerts and notifications into actionable tasks – each actionable task in iMarq now allows direct access to ELD readings history, location and fault code information.

Fixed Asset Maintenance: iMarq’s integration with OutdoorLink devices allows fault signals to trigger action with Work Orders, Material requests, and more. This ensures the automation of maintenance tasks and allows customers to maintain their assets proactively.

  1. EAM/CMMS Integration

Connixt continues to expand its EAM / CMMS integration roster with the addition of out-of-the-box integration with IBM Maximo and SAP.

Reporting and Analytics

iMarq 8.x has expanded its capability to provide configurable, interactive dashboards for managers, executives, admins, etc. For instance, compliance/non-compliance reports, Mechanical real-time reports, and Failed Item Analysis are visible on the dashboard to drive management by exception.

We are constantly working on updating and improving these features based on customer feedback. Our core philosophy puts our customers where they belong: at the very top.

“No product feature is introduced just for the sake of technology unless it adds direct value to our customers, especially end-users.”

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