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How to: Shift Field Workers from Paper to Mobile

Keep your employees physically mobile without the paper-based processes.

Many electric, cable, telecom, and utility companies are inherently mobile. Field sales and services teams spend a huge portion of their time at or between customer locations and less time in the office. Even though their workers are physically out of office most of the time, many companies are still heavily reliant on paper forms and processes.

Yet, take away the papers and many are left without vital information and work orders. With the use of mobile apps and a cloud-based business, field employees can thrive. Get started today!

Test before deploying. Test the waters of an app-based business before installing it company-wide. Sampling it beforehand will allow you to compare the productivity of mobile app users to non-users, all the while providing your team to offer feedback. Pick a small subset of employees and one or two core processes to test out with a Proof Of Concept (POC) before a wider roll-out.

Ensure multi-device and multi-platform compatibility. Be aware of all of the platforms that workers would need access on, whether it’s iOS Android, smartphone, tablet etc. Check the app for compatibility on all appropriate devices, and determine what types of mobile devices best fit your field workers to conduct their day-to-day basis. Mobile apps won’t do much good if you have a different device and platform for each user.

Better user experience. Workers have ingrained ways of operating, so moving from paper to mobile is a challenge many businesses will face. Your sales teams, technicians, and other field service workers will be the ones using the mobile app on a daily basis, and their user experience is critical. Encourage real-time feedback so that you can solve issues as they arise.

Integrate with other systems. If your field employees are out of the office for extended periods of time, be sure that the mobile apps are able to link back to the office routinely. If not, the valuable input data from the field employees denies the corporate decision makers the real-time data that they need.

Are you ready to get started on enhancing the productivity of your mobile workforce, lower costs from paper inefficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction? Contact Connixt to get started with iMarq that automates your critical business processes with a mobile-first strategy that makes it easy to integrate your field workers, contractors, customers, and suppliers into your processes.

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