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Competitive Advantage from Digitization for Transportation Companies

COVID-19 has irrevocably changed customer behavior and expectations – whether the need for real-time delivery updates or the urge to switch providers / vendors solely based on delivery services efficiency – notice that the product quality is as critical as the “quality” of the delivery. Therefore, all supply chain participants, including freight operators, are looking to eliminate friction from their operations and operate at “peak performance”.  Operators who are aware of these shifts are increasingly adopting modern technologies to improve their asset uptime. According to a recent survey, 51% operators said that improved uptime was their organization’s main reason to embrace technology. The survey also suggests that freight companies are focusing on predictive maintenance using modern technology which can track the condition of the vehicle and automate maintenance requests. This will greatly reduce costs and save time.

Keeping trucks running and reducing the number of repairs has always been important, and even more so in these days of supply chain challenges and shortage of skilled labor.  These challenges are exacerbated by unscheduled or sudden repairs.  Therefore, companies are investing heavily in ensuring high levels of asset availability, low downtime and digitization. Companies which have already digitized and automated their maintenance and work process have increased their labor productivity and reduced 20-30% of their maintenance costs.

Making Maintenance Seamless 

As discussed earlier, the key factor in determining success of asset-intensive and engineering companies is the asset uptime and efficiency. In the case of the transportation industry, for example, Connixt offers several tools and solutions to automate your maintenance, compliance, inventory, crew, and work procedures. The goal is to make the “last mile” of maintenance and upkeep as efficient as possible. Our mobile-suite iMarq™ transforms transportation and freight by digitizing its operations with its unique cloud-based technology that saves working hours, decreases paperwork and manual data entry, and improves safety and compliance. Therefore, it can be said that iMarq is the fastest way to digitize your forms and processes – for maintenance, condition assessment, and SGR reporting of rolling stock and other assets.


LA Metro, for example, digitized its maintenance operations using Connixt iMarq and is now able to monitor its assets condition and maintenance in real-time. iMarq allows inspections and assessments to be completed more efficiently and accurately. The employees at LA Metro using this app experienced a reduction of 20% in labor hours, with a final savings of nearly 400 person-hours per day.

What can Digitization achieve

iMarq provides several advantages to the transportation industry, including digitizing maintenance tasks and checklists. iMarq’s cloud-based suite is the best way for transportation agencies to digitize maintenance, inspections, facilities condition assessment, pre-trip inspections, and so much more. Below are some benefits of using iMarq:

  1. Replaces paper-based processes: Paper-driven maintenance processes in the shopfloor are inefficient, costly, time-consuming, and replete with human errors. With iMarq, your crew can digitally enter the information on a mobile app which ensures that the information flow is standardized, complete, and accurate. They can monitor the status of the asset or vehicle in real-time and quickly report any maintenance issues. This is both time and cost efficient.
  2. Ensures compliance: In traditional compliance management techniques, multiple back-end systems are not integrated, creating problems in reporting, auditing, and tracking correction action. Additionally, the information is not always updated due to the lack of digitization. For example, pre-trip inspections are paper-based which takes a lot of time in identifying potential issues and scheduling maintenance. With iMarq, transportation agencies can ensure on-time maintenance via regular tracking, following up, and scheduling. That next audit should be a breeze to handle now that all the information is available digitally and automatically collated when required.
  3. User-friendliness: iMarq is user-friendly and easy to understand for employees and workers. It adapts to its familiar forms and processes into friendly, easy-to-use smartphones and tablets.

Connixt provides a cutting-edge solution to businesses looking to eliminate silos, improve efficiency and keep their assets running. If you are interested in learning more about how the solutions offered by Connixt can help your transportation business digitize,  reach out to us for a demonstration today!

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