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Are You TAM Compliant?

G Satish

Here is one way to Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment for TAM Compliance.

Asset Inventory and a condition assessment of all assets in the inventory are among the first elements of the Transit Asset Management (TAM) checklist, with the ultimate goal of keeping these assets in a State of Good Repair (SGR). As agencies focus on these first steps, adopting an approach that can accomplish these immediate objectives while laying the foundation for long-term gains is where agencies win.

Manual inventorying and condition assessment – traditionally completed by hand on miles of paperwork – will get you there. Slowly. Probably painfully. The information is consolidated, entered into a spread-sheets and back-end system(s), reviewed and corrected ad nauseam, and finally, submitted – all manually. All this before you can even begin analyses and generating reports.

What if there was a way to use capture information on your forms electronically as quickly and easily as making a call on your phone? What if this method works faster, uses less resources and costs less?

Going Digital Gets You There
 Pretend for a moment that it’s a perfect world: imagine replacing those clipboards and forms with standard, off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets loaded with apps that carry digital forms, integrating those apps to your back-end system(s), and being out in front for TAM compliance, instead of scrambling to meet a deadline.  Suppose this digital approach to inventorying and assessment significantly accelerates data gathering, eliminates errors and, most importantly, lays the foundation for a range of future capabilities including mandatory reporting, data sharing, and ongoing maintenance.

Change is the only constant in life. Heraclitus

Information is captured once (correctly), the condition is assessed, your back-end system is automatically updated, maintenance records and corrective work orders are created if needed. Let’s say you can continue to use all this information on an ongoing basis for day-to-day operations. All of your reports automated – no matter how many different systems the data is stored in.

This is the world as it should be –using low-cost, commonly available, user-friendly technology to accelerate, improve, and economize existing processes. It would be a dream come true right?

Living that Dream

We are doing it. Connixt iMarq can digitize your forms as they are currently used at your agency or you can choose a set from our forms library. Your users – whether employees or contractors – just download the app to capture asset information, i.e. name-plate information, location (assets are automatically geo-tagged), barcode creation, condition, and more. You can add photographs, comments, and audio recordings (for that equipment hum that seems out of line). It’s all updated automatically into your back-end system(s).

Doing it right the first time can get it done fast, efficiently, and reap ongoing benefits.

You can set up the system to create work orders to fix immediate maintenance issues and/or set up maintenance schedules – all in one step. You can set up random asset selection for inspections at any frequency. You can even assign specific users that need to be given automatic, recurring work orders for ongoing maintenance.

Finally, with all data now available electronically, formatted reports can be generated, data can be analyzed for patterns and intelligence, and, most importantly, this doesn’t have to be a one-off compliance exercise. You can actually derive value from it by streamlining operations, maintenance, and reporting across the agency.

We’re not promising total perfection, but Connixt iMarq will get your transit world a little closer to perfect.

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