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Are Your Field Workers Still Piling Up Paper?

Here are just a few benefits your business can realize when it uses a mobile app to stop piling up paper.  

If your field workers are still balancing binders while they’re on the job, it’s time to make a change. Digitally managing your processes can help your field workers be more productive and feel more fulfilled while supporting your business’s growth. Let’s take a look at some of the ways moving to mobile and away from paperwork can benefit your business.

  1. Mobile work orders support greater productivity. If you’re using paper work orders, you know that tracking each employee’s workload – and work order fulfillment – is no easy task. Work orders take time to come back to the office and can even get lost in transit, making it extremely challenging to keep a finger on the pulse of your team’s workflow. With mobile work orders, you have a bird’s eye view of each person’s work. This can help you identify issues and increase accountability among your field workers, ultimately supporting greater productivity.
  2. Mobile apps make data management easier. If your business wants to grow, it needs to know where it has the opportunity to do so. If you’re tracking everything digitally, you can instantaneously collect data. This makes it easier to analyze your processes and can help you do everything from identifying issues to projects for the future.  For example, want to know if you need to buy another unit of that expensive equipment?  Simply get a report of its utilization rate for  the past year, including which projects, for how long and the downtime.
  3. Mobile management eliminates common headaches. How often have you been left scratching your head because an important document got lost? Or your field worker’s writing is challenging to read? Or an important form field was left empty? With mobile paperwork management, nothing gets lost in translation!

Contact Connixt to get started with apps that automate your critical business processes with a mobile-first strategy that makes it easy to integrate your field workers, contractors, customers, and suppliers into your processes.

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