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End-to-End Business Management With a Single App

It can be easier to run your business – all you need is a single app!

Technology is making our lives easier at every turn. You can order that ride you need from your phone, you can pay your bills online, and you can organize all of your documents digitally. Clearly, tech can support your business – but is your desktop holding you back? A single mobile app can help you manage every aspect of your business from the palm of your hand.

Take, for example, iMarq. With a single application on your smartphone, you get a seamless, real-time connection with your workers in the field, project managers, back office, and everyone in between.   AND, with your assets on the field!  With this mobile app, every relevant party can create a maintenance request, manage it, report its status, create and complete work orders, and manage timesheets.

The functionality of this software on your phone doesn’t stop there, either. iMarq also offers instant, digital access to relevant forms, from capital projects checklists to survey inspection information. On top of all that, it offers open PO tracking.  And, remember those assets?  You can remotely monitor the condition of the assets, or simply walk up to it to pick up the readings and history of the performance of that equipment – all delivered with relevant history and tracking against standards.

Want to figure out exactly what this app is doing for your business – and how your business is doing in general? No problem! iMarq includes analytics and reporting. That means it offers a progress dashboard where you can see projects and real-time stats on your work.

Clearly, a mobile app like iMarq can make end-to-end management of your business much easier. And all of that power is contained in the palm of your hand! If you’re looking for an easier, more reliable way to manage your field workers, invoicing, asset maintenance, paperwork, and more, look no further than this single app.

Contact Connixt to get started with apps that automate your critical business processes with a mobile-first strategy that makes it easy to integrate your field workers, contractors, customers, and suppliers into your processes.

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