90% time reduction

from incident report to action



90% time reduction

from incident report to action

Make your crew’s life easier with iMarq by enhancing

  • Workforce Efficiency & Productivity
  • Asset Maintenance & Reliability
  • Compliance & Safety
  • Contractor Management

Connixt iMarq digitizes your processes, workflows, and systems

Easy Setup

Setup the system in days and scale processes along with easy access and onboarding for staff, contractors, temp workers and mutual assistance. Time saved, hassle saved, money saved.

Automated Service Requests

Automation of service requests upon inspection failure ensures compliance and saves time and money.


iMarq is designed for your crew first and foremost – intuitive with minimal training. High adoption with minimal change management.

Hear how your crew can go digital in a jiffy

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Four reasons your crew needs iMarq now

Digitized to the last mile

  • Digitize time-consuming and tedious paper based systems and manual data entry for your forms, manuals, checklists and compliance processes
  • Eliminate daily whiteboard shuffle for work-crew configuration
  • Get more from your current back-end systems with user-friendly and high adoption mobile apps
  • Automate incident report routing from and to the field – save precious hours in response time


Labor efficiency gains


Reduction in paper usage

Smart Features designed to save the day

  • Meter Cutoffs & Meter Replacement
  • Work/Service Orders Management & Scheduling
  • FEMA / Emergency Management Reporting
  • Emergency Response
  • Configure crew and allocate work
  • Incident Reporting
  • Inventory & Spares Management
  • Mutual Assistance


Digital Transformation for Utilities Organizations

Download this e-book to understand how Connixt iMarq makes digitization simple and powerful for organisations

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