Precious Time

for your crew



Precious Time

for your crew

Digitize your maintenance with apps for your crew

  • Maintenance – PM, WO, Ad hoc
  • VMRS Support
  • Parts, Inventory Management
  • Inspections, DVIR
  • ELD Integration – automated work requests
  • Compliance Reporting

Connixt iMarq makes your crew’s life easy

All processes, systems, forms, workflows and checklists are digitized for intuitive usage. Save your crew time and the hassle of manual entry and maintenance.

Automated Across

Easy integration with your CMMS, VMRS coding, inventory & time management means complete transparency and real-time tracking.

Compliance Enabled

The workflows, validations and processes configured on iMarq are designed to enable compliance, ensure data integrity and digitize audit trails.


Your forms, your processes the way you use them today. With an easy self-service means to make changes when you need to – without IT intervention.

One for all

Secured access for employees, contractors and service providers to ensure streamlined processes, collaborations, real-time views and governance.

Hear how your crew can go digital in a jiffy

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Three reasons why your crew needs mobile apps today:

Money, Time & Compliance

  • Paper and spread-sheet processes for inspections and maintenance, including manual data entry into your CMMS are time-consuming and error-prone
  • Scaling your team, meeting your growth or handling tech shortage with manual processes is expensive & inefficient
  • Collating data from multiple files & systems for audits is time-consuming, challenging and error-prone

Connixt iMarq is a unified system that captures & validates data, updates systems, generates automated alerts, exceptions & reporting.


Labor efficiency gains


Reduction in paper usage

Smart features for your crew that take their software usage experience to the next level

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Simpler & Faster

iMarq enables smarter, simpler and faster processes for

  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Inventory & Spares
  • ELD/Telematics Extension
  • Technician induction & training
  • VMRS Support
  • Facilities Management


iMarq is transforming transportation organizations.

Download this case study to understand how Connixt iMarq makes digitization simple and powerfull for enterprises

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