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Connixt @ APTAExpo

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Connixt is presenting at theAPTA Expo at Orlando, FL, Nov 8-10, this year.

School Buses-When Fleets come back to use this Fall


At Connixt, we know that transportation fleets face increasing challenges in their service provision, and this extends to the domain of school buses. Continuous assessment of an asset’s return to use, onboarding of additional drivers, and efficient maintenance scheduling are all going to be necessary over the coming months.

A Checklist for Asset Maintenance in the New World

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Asset maintenance and field force management are going through a challenging phase now.  Whether rolling stock or fixed assets or machinery and equipment, reduced utilization rates do not equal reduced maintenance requirements.

Transformation in Transit

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When we present the Connixt iMarq™ mobile app suite to clients, one of the first things we talk about is that almost all the asset maintenance, inspections and agency forms can be completed and submitted from smart phones or tablets.

Connixt wins 2019 METRO Innovation Award

California-based Connixt, a provider of breakthrough cloud-mobile digital transformation solutions for the transit industry, has been named winner of the 2019 METRO Innovation Award.

Are You TAM Compliant?


Asset Inventory and a condition assessment of all assets in the inventory are among the first elements of the Transit Asset Management (TAM) checklist, with the ultimate goal of keeping these assets in a State of Good Repair (SGR).

Are You Digital-Ready?

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